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  10 January update:

  • Neighbourhood Plan: At its 6th January meeting, Sherington Parish Council agreed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. This will complement the Site Allocations Plan and Plan:MK. It will cover all development, not just housing. When adopted, after a local referendum, it will be used by Milton Keynes Council to determine planning applications in the area up to 2031. The Neighbourhood Plan will involve extensive consultations with everyone - and gives the local community a greater say in how the Parish should develop over the next 16 years. Volunteers are needed to assist with the large amount of work incloved. Further Details

  29 December update:

  • Planning Application: The agenda for the MKC Development Control Committee on 8 January 2015 has been published. This planning application is not on it. The next scheduled meetings are on 5 February and 5 March. This means the application will not be determined by the target determination date of 13 January 2015, which is also the date of the Parish Poll. The applicant can now agree to the delay or appeal to the Secretary of State for it to be decided by a planning inspector because it will be 'out of time'.
  • Site Allocations Plan: Milton Keynes Council has confirmed that the responses from the recent public consultation (including the extra sites) are currently being evaluated. They expect to re-issue the draft Plan in February 2015, and this will be followed by another 8 week period of public consultation.

Extraordinary Parish Meeting - 7.30pm
Wed 10 December 2014 - Village Hall
Further Details


  Local Housing Development Plan - Public Consultation

  14 November update:

  • The traffic report for Smiths Yard Water Lane is now available - Read it here
  • Sherington Parish Council has submitted its formal response to Milton Keynes Council - Read it here
  • Ian Collinge has submitted his personal comments to MKC, some of which go further than those of SPC - Read it here
  • Crofts End: Berrys have issued a letter on behalf of the owners - Read it here
  • Mason's Field - This is one of four additional sites on the east side of the High Street put forward by the owners to MKC as a result of the consultation. David Lock Associates have issued initial schematic plans for this site - Read it here

  29 October update: The owners have published their proposals for the Crofts End site and withdrawn the School site.

  On Thursday 30 October 2014 there will be a Drop-in Session (from 6pm) followed by a Public Meeting (at 7.30pm) at Sherington Village Hall. Everyone is welcome.

  Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options

  • Milton Keynes Council have been developing plans for future housing development needs in both the urban and rural parts of the Borough. They will be conducting a Public Consultation from 10 September to 5 November 2014. The information given below is taken from the documents published on the Milton Keynes Council web site on 10 September 2014.
  • Sherington is one of three areas to have been identified previously as a 'selected village'. It is the only one of these three to be considered for housing developement in this plan. MK Council propose 20 to 40 new houses which they say will 'meet the Parish Council's aspirations'.
  • They have identified 4 potential sites:
  • To put this in context, 40 houses represents a 10% increase in the number of households in the village. It is about 2/3rds the size of Carters Close, which has 58 houses.
  • The consultation allows the public to comment on the proposals and in particular the proposed sites. No decisions have yet been made and alternative sites can be put forward.
  • You can comment via the consultation portal on the Milton Keynes Council website, by email or by post.
  • Some questions you might wish to consider:
    • How many houses should be built, or do you want no development at all?
    • Which site(s) do you prefer?
    • Would you be more in favour if the developer provided a new permanent shop building as 'planning gain'? If so, which site would be best for it?
    • Would you be more in favour of the Crofts End site if it also included plans to divert Bedford Road diagonally across the site towards the School Lane junction, which would remove through traffic from the awkward dangerous corner at the Perry Lane junction?
    • Perry Lane residents have had a parking problem for many years. The School Lane development would potentially open up road access to the rear of the properties, which could alleviate this problem. If the plans made provision for this, would you be more in favour? Would a change in the boundary to also provide road access from the top of Perry Lane help?
  • Would you prefer another site? If so, where? Perhaps, infilling in the gaps in Water Lane? Between Hillview and the nursery? Gun Lane? Somewhere else?
  • Proposals for housing sites in Sherington have been put forward several times over the past 25 years, and all four of these sites have suggested before (in 1998/9). In 1999 Sherington Parish Council conducted a survey of local residents of the green field sites (Smith's Yard was not included). 402 questionnaires were issued and 224 were returned. The results were:
    • Crofts End - YES 25 NO 192
    • High Street - YES 20 NO 197
    • Behind the School - YES 19 NO 197
    • Bedford Road (between Hillview and the Nursery) - YES 25 NO 191
    • Restrictions to infill plots - YES 181 NO 37


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