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  Local Housing Development Plan - Potential Sites

  Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options - Consultation

  R14 - Crofts End

  • The following details are taken from the Site Allocations - Issues and Options document published by Milton Keynes Council on 10 September 2014.
  • You are recommended to also consult the large number of other related documents on the Milton Keynes Council website.
  Size of site 1.6 ha
  Indicative site Capacity 32
Potential Crofts End Housing Site
  Summary of site opportunities and constraints

The site is allocated as open countryside on the proposals map. It is also part of the Area of Attractive Landscape local landscape designation. There is a Scheduled Ancient Monument to the north east of the site which would severely limit the form of development in the immediate vicinity. The site is covered by an Archaeological Notification requirement. Access would be able to be created off Crofts End. Development would form a logical rounding off of the south edge of the village, but would also block views out of the village.

Homes would be in a very desirable location and the southern edge would overlook open countryside.

  Summary of initial sustainability appraisal findings

The site is a greenfield site in an area of attractive landscape. The overall sustainability is low due to the poor connectivity to facilities and the possible impacts on a Scheduled Ancient Monument.


  • This site was first put forward as a potential site for housing by J W Cook & Son in 1998, when Milton Keynes Council were preparing a previous Local Plan.
  • The response to the Parish Council's village questionnaire in 1999 was: YES 25, NO 192.

  Owners' Plans

  • 29 October update: The owners, via their agents Berrys, have published their proposals for this site in a letter to Parish Councillors dated 28 October 2014. They are proposing 20 houses.
Owners proposals for Crofts End


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