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  Local Housing Development Plan - Potential Sites

  Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options - Consultation

  R16 - School Lane

  • The following details are taken from the Site Allocations - Issues and Options document published by Milton Keynes Council on 10 September 2014.
  • You are recommended to also consult the large number of other related documents on the Milton Keynes Council website.
  Size of site: 1.5 ha
  Indicative site capacity: 45
Potential School Lane Housing Site
  Summary of site opportunities and constraints

The site is allocated as open countryside on the proposals map and forms part of the Area of Attractive Landscape local landscape designation.

The site is surrounded on three sides by development, with access through the school site being suggested as an option. The school have previously indicated that they would potentially consider enabling access if it was considered to be for the benefit of the school and the village. However, previous consultation with the Parish Council indicated that they did not think it was a viable option.

There are concerns for how the development of the site would be viable, given the need for investment in the school and a new access to the site.

The site would be in a marketable location; on the edge of the village with views over the open countryside for the part of the development on the eastern edge of the site.

  Summary of initial sustainability appraisal findings

The site is greenfield site in an area of attractive landscape. However, the location represents a logical in-fill development if issues of access can be resolved. Sustainability remains low due to poor connectivity to services.


  • This site was first put forward as a potential site for housing by the owners, J W Cook & Son, in 1989-92 and then again in 1998, when Milton Keynes Council were preparing previous Local Plans. The 1992 proposal was for an area about double the size of MKC's current suggestion with access from the top of Perry Lane, rather than across the School's field.
  • In 1992, the proposal was opposed by both Sherington Parish Council and Milton Keynes Borough Council, and the village envelope was drawn tightly around the limits of the built-up area, also excluding the west part of Water Lane and the Manor House and Manor Farm. J W Cook & Son appealed against the decision and this appeal was considered as part of the Public Inquiry in 1992. The Parish Council was represented by David Lock Associates and J W Cook &' Son by Eric Gates Associates. The Inspector rejected the appeal and confirmed the village envelope.
  • The response to the Parish Council's village questionnaire in 1999 for this site was: YES 19, NO 197.

  Owners' Plans

  • 29 October update: The owners have withdrawn this site from the current planning considerations, in order to give preference to the Crofts End site which they also own.


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