Youth Club
  Club Re-Opens on Wednesday 13 September
Youth Club  
    Sherington Youth Club Committee has issued the following statement:
  • This is to inform you of the decisions made by those parents and other interested persons who attended the publicised village meeting at Sherington Village Hall on Wednesday, 7th June 2006 to discuss the possibility of the Youth Club re-opening.
  • The good news is that the Youth Club is to re-open on Wednesday, 13th September, initially on a six-month trial basis. The new age range for children attending Youth Club is between the ages of eleven and sixteen. Any younger children (from 9½ years) who have already joined the Youth Club prior to its closure will be allowed to continue to come.
  • The Youth Club will now be operated solely for the benefit of children who live in Sherington or the SCAN villages, which includes Chicheley, Astwood, Hardmead and North Crawley or children who attended Sherington First School.
  • Other children will not be allowed to attend Youth Club unless permission has been granted in advance by the Sherington Youth Club Committee. There will be no exceptions made. It is also hoped that any outside attendance from non-members, around the vicinity of the Village Hall on a Wednesday evening will be positively discouraged by Youth Club members.
  • The arrangements for the operation of the Youth Club from September are to change in the following respects.

    • Parents will have to personally register their child(s) attendance at the first session they attend, which will include recognition of responsibilities for the Child, Parent and Youth Club whilst the club is in session.
    • There are now four nominated primary helpers who will be responsible for the operation of the individual Youth Club sessions on a rotational basis.
    • Parent helpers will however still be required to help on the same rotational basis as operated previously.
    • The children will be encouraged to participate in refreshing the current Youth Club Rules.
    • There will be an official Youth Club telephone which will be available to receive calls from children, parents or members of the community whilst the Youth Club is in session.
    • There will also be more active involvement in the running of the Youth Club from the Milton Keynes Youth Service.
    • Any situations involving serious misbehaviour, if felt appropriate, after due consideration by the Youth Club Committee will result in an automatic suspension.
  • Please do not be put off by what may appear to be a somewhat 'draconian' new style of management. The overriding aim of all concerned is to ensure that the children of the village can meet and have fun in a safe environment with the ongoing blessing of the local community.
  • The first session of Youth Club will take place on Wednesday, 13th September at 7 pm. This session will be free, but will require part of the time to be taken up with administration which will require the attendance of a parent with their child. Those children who cannot attend Youth Club on this day will still need a parent to attend with them, on their first session.
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