Planning Appeal - 14/02002/OUT - High St

  • R & S Shires (Farmers) Ltd have appealed to the Secretary of State regarding the decision of Milton Keynes Council to refuse permission for Planning Application 14/02002/OUT (36 houses on Land at High Street Sherington).
  • The appeal will take the form of an informal hearing on a date to be confirmed shortly. This will be during the daytime on a weekday, but not a Monday. As the hearing involves a site visit and there is considerable local interest, MKC Councillors have requested the venue be in Sherington, rather than MKC offices. If so, it is likely to be the Pavilion, as Preschool uses the Village Hall.
  • Comments made by the public at the time of the original application will automatically be seen by the Inspector and do not need to be resubmitted. Interested parties may make further written responses before 2 November 2015.
  • The Parish Council is liaising closely with Milton Keynes Council, in particular Richard Sakyi, the MKC Appeals Officer (who attended the October PC meeting to provide advice) and the Olney Ward Councillors. The PC is currently compiling its response with a view to having a final draft which can be approved unanimously at an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 28 October 2015 in the Pavilion, Perry Lane. The PC hopes to make the draft available to the public before then, for public comment. The short timescales limit the opportunity for comment, so the details are subject to confirmation.
  • Official documents may be seen on the following websites:
  • The appeal reference is APP/Y0435/W/15/3133886.
  • Note: work on the Neighbourhood Plan is continuing independently. Work done to date will be available for the Inspector to take into account. Also, the Plan will need to take into account the Inspector's decision when it has been made.

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