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News - June

Village Hall

Bullet There is still a vacancy for a Secretary to serve with the Village Hall Management Committee. Anyone interested please contact Norman Arnold (Tel: 612794) or Jackie Inskipp (Tel: 216214).


Youth Club Games

Sherington Youth Club

Bullet The club continues to flourish and 1998 has seen an additional 9 new members. Total membership is now 36 boys and girls aged between 9½ and 14 with an average weekly attendance of 23. The club is well supported with adult helpers attending on a rota basis which is much appreciated. Please bear in mind that without your help the club could not continue. The club would welcome any additional help, especially if you can bring some skills with you - art and craft and the like.

Bullet The club had a great Fun Run on May Day this year with 50 competitors taking part. The fancy dress option was taken up by a good number with Adam Risby being judged the outright winner. Everyone who took part was given a certificate to confirm their successful completion of the run and a shield and medals were presented to the winners. Thanks go to Alan and Anne of Dearden Trophies in Newport Pagnell for sponsoring the cost of the shield and medals.

Bullet The winners were: First, Michael Smith; Second, Tim Taylor; Third, Andrew Riley.
The first under 14 girl was Charlotte Fields.
The first under 14 boy was Thomas Coveney.

Bullet The club usually raises less than £300 from sponsors but, this year, an amazing amount of money is promised. When it all comes in it should amount to nearly £700. Special thanks must go to Tracy and Giles who ran a three-legged race in fancy dress and worked really hard to gain sponsorship of neraly £400. This money will secure the financial future of the club for at least the next two years; the members will be meeting soon to decide what equipment to buy. The club hope to spend about half the money on equipment. Many thanks to all runners and their sponsors.

Bullet If you need any information about the club or wish to help, please contact Jim Keyes (Tel: 613211), Vicky Brown (Tel: 615012) or Jane Coles (614876).



Volunteer 'Taxi' List

Bullet Sometime ago a number of people agreed to provide a taxi service to fellow Sherington villagers who have no transport. It has been suggested that the names and telephone numbers of these volunteers be re-published so that anyone who needs a lift to the Doctors' Surgery, the Hospital, the Station, etc, would know where to ring. You may have to try two or three names on the list before you find someone who is at home and free but, be assured, the service is a willing one. The list is as follows:

Bullet If there are others who are willing to provide this service, please ring Harriet Milner on 610458 and she will add your name to the list.


School News

Bullet The School is holding a fund raising evening in school on Wednesday 17 June at 6.30pm. It will take the form of a puppet show which is produced by Cornelius and Jones who have generously offered their services free of charge.

Bullet This will be a highly entertaining professional production lasting about one hour. It is suitable for children 4 years upwards and adults. Tickets are priced at £2 each and are on sale now. Light refreshments will be available on the night.

Bullet Hurry to get your tickets now as numbers are limited. Monies will be used to purchase design and technology materials for use in school.


Playgroup News

Sue Herbert, Supervisor of the Sherington Playgroup contributed the following article to this month's SCAN magazine:

Bullet As there has been much in the news recently about pre-school education, I should like to add a personal contribution. Parents have a number of options for the time before their children reach the statutory age for entering school, and the choice can be confusing and difficult. Children of 3 and 4 have much to learn about the world and themselves, and many skills to acquire that will make their later schoolwork easier and more rewarding. It can be difficult for parents to measure and assess early-years learning - we can probably remember our own schooldays, but not any pre-school experience we might have had.

Bullet Playgroups are sometimes viewed as 'soft options', lots of fun, very sociable, but without much valuable learning going on. This was certainly the opinion of an NUT representative I heard on the radio recently. When I think (as a teacher and a parent) of the needs of very young children and the way they learn, I can't agree. Our children will be in formal education for a very long time, and at 3 and 4 they are in transition between home and school. The best pre-school provision should offer them an opportunity to learn through play. They should experience a wide range of activities and materials, and learn to make choices. Listening and speaking skills are all important, and can be enriched in small groups where adults are willing and able to take time for conversation. Books and stories should play a large part, as should beginning number concepts, physical activity and co-operative play within small and large groups.

Bullet In common with all early-years provisions that receive funding from local authorities for 4 year olds, playgroups must meet many requirements and undergo Ofsted Inspection. (Sherington's report was excellent!) Just as schools operate a National Curriculum, we operate to a set of Desirable Learning Outcomes - skills and abilities children are working towards, and that we hope they will achieve by the time they enter school at age 5. These desirable outcomes are grouped into 6 areas of learning: language and literacy, knowledge and understanding of the world, mathematics, personal and social development, and physical development. Work in these areas does not duplicate what children will learn at school, but ensures that they will be ready for that schoolwork when they get there. Staff work hard on daily, weekly and termly plans, to ensure children's progress in all these areas. Each activity and piece of equipment offered to the children fits in with these plans, and we use formal and informal record keeping to ensure that each child's time with us is a worthwhile progression.

Bullet When the children are at Playgroup, they are not aware of all this organisation and planning - they are having fun! Playgroup is local, their parents and carers are involved and there are lots of adults around to help and friends to play with. At first some find it hard to leave Mum, some are shy, some bossy, some quiet, some noisy. In their time at Playgroup, we aim to help them develop into 5 year olds who are ready to start school; sociable, self-confident, aware and curious, with a whole range of skills and abilities, but probably not reading and writing fluently. After all, we have to leave something for them to do at Sherington School!

Bullet If you'd like to know more, arrange a visit, or disagree violently, let me know: Sue Herbert, Playgroup Supervisor (Tel:613985).

Bullet On a more practical note: two items near the top of our 'wish list' are an old typewriter in working order and a stehascope (and any other appropriate medical paraphernalia). Please ring Sue Herbert if you can help.


Parish Council Notes And News

Bulk Skip

Bullet The bulk skip will be available in Leys View from 14 to 16 July. There will be no skip during June.

Parish Council 1998/9

Bullet At the Annual Parish Meeting Mr Derek Ferris was nominated and unanimously elected to be Chairman of the Council until May 1999. Mrs Katie Hayes will continue for another year as Vice-Chairman.

Bullet We have just learned that Mr Barry Hollis (Chairman 1997/8) is moving from Sherington to North Yorkshire within the next month. We wish Barry and Jayne every happiness in their new life. A casual vacancy is to be advertised - please see Parish Council Notice Board.

Bullet This will be the last year of the present Parish Council. Local Elections for Parish and Town Councils are held every four years and the next one in Sherington will be during May 1999. All Councillors are elected and give their time freely for the good of their local community. The Clerks are official/paid officers, appointed by their own Council and they stay in office until they retire or are dismissed!

Handyperson Scheme For The Over 60s

Bullet British Gas has launched a Handyperson Scheme in conjunction with Age Concern. Handypersons are local people (volunteers are needed from Sherington) who are willing to help with small jobs around the home which the over 60s may find difficult, ie: changing a light bulb, moving furniture, fixing shelves, wiring plugs, etc. The labour will be free, but the householder must pay for any materials used. Any homeowner or tenant over 60 may use the sceme, providing there is one operating in the area.

Bullet If you would like to volunteer to be a Handyperson or if you would like to know more about the scheme please contact the Milton Keynes Age Concern Group: Mr Mike Evans, Tel: 245914.

Security For The Over 60s

Bullet Anyone over 60 may also apply for a door chain, door viewer or security lock completely free of charge. This scheme operates with the co-operation of Milton Keynes Council.

Bogus Call Alarm Units

Bullet These are also available to older residents or any folk who feel vulnerable, victims of a recent burglary, anyone who expresses concern or is frightened in their own home. Milton Keynes Council, in co-operation with Victim Support and MK Police will install a panic button (which is located near the front door) free of charge for a pilot scheme of 6 months. If the resident wishes to keep the alarm after six months then a charge of 55 pence per week is required. For more information please telephone our Vice-Chairman Cllr Katie Hayes on 217881.


Twinning Association News

Bullet On the first weekend in May the Association were delighted to welcome the friends from Saméon on their first visit to Sherington since the formal twinning of the two villages last year. Much of the weekend was informal, the visitors spending time with their hosts. On Saturday after a ceremonial unveiling of the new village signs there was a gathering in the Village Hall to reaffirm the twinning charter signed in Saméon last year. This was followed by songs performed both in English and French by the SCAN Junior Choir, drinks and a finger buffet. In the evening adults and children alike enjoyed a barn dance led by 'Bricks and Brussels'. On Sunday the formal programme ended with lunch for which a pig was roasted although some visitors stayed for the May Day celebrations on The Knoll.

Bullet New members are always particularly welcome. The main aim of the Association is to foster friendship between the people of Sherington and Saméon and to encourage visits, particularly by children and young people. Informal social events, for example a summer BBQ and boules competition, take place during the year. For more information or to join (Individual £3, Family £5, Corporate £10) contact Mike Inskipp on 216214 or meet for a glass of wine and see a video and photos of previous events at The Chapel, The Knoll on 12 June at 8pm.



Planning Applications

Bullet The following application has been approved by Milton Keynes Council:



Football - North Bucks and District League

Bullet The season is now over for another year. Matches will recommence at the end of the summer.


For Sale Sign

Houses For Sale

Bullet The following houses have recently been advertised for sale. Details are available from local estate agents, especially those in Newport Pagnell or Olney.


Recent Events

2 June 7.30pm School Parish Council Meeting
12 June 8pm The Chapel, The Knoll Twinning Association Video and Photos, with wine
13 June - The Old Rectory Church Fete (see below)
17 June 6.30pm School Puppet Show by Cornelius and Jones (see School page for more details)
17 June - - Deadline for copy for July/August SCAN
21 June 3.15am Gas Compound, Newport Road Midsummer Morning Walk - Thumbstick Walkers
4/5 July - - Flower Festival and Open Gardens weekend
Teas - Ploughman's lunch (Sat)

Church Fete

Bullet Saturday, 13 June, 2.30 pm - The Old Rectory.
Lots of attractions. Live music. Children's decorated bike, tricycle, pram etc competition: 'Cool Wheels'.
Offers of help are very welcome. Please contact Jill Burgess (Tel: 611163) or Ella Field (Tel: 610560).



Tuesday Coffee Mornings

2 June Mrs P Teasdale 33 Crofts End
9 June Mr and Mrs D McFarlane 8 School Lane
16 June Mrs R Weatherill 4 Village Close
23 June Mrs M Cook Manor Farm
(Special event in aid of Willen Hospice.
Raffle. Bring and Buy.
All welcome)
30 June Mrs P Stanton-Saringer The Rectory, School Lane
7 July Mrs D Stephens 1A Church Road



The New Thursday Group

Bullet Once again Enid demonstrated that her good ideas, planning, attention to detail and hard work result in a most enjoyable evening for the rest of us. Thank you, Enid.

Bullet Thursday 4 June - Pat Seymour will give some insights into the satisfactions and tribulations of being a Milton Keynes District Councillor.

Bullet Thursday 18 June - Summer Walk led by Julie Smith. Please meet in the Village Hall car park ready to leave promptly at 8pm. Members who unable to join in are invited to meet the walkers at The White Hart to round off the evening.

Bullet Thursday 2 July - Barbecue in Katie's Garden, 3 Gun Lane. We'll hope for a fine evening.


Parish Questionnaire

Bullet As announced in April, this will go out with the July SCAN. Arrangements are being made for it to be collected, or returned to various addresses across the parish if we can't collect it. Please take the time to fill it out, even if just to tell us that you have no church connections and don't want any. We are anxious to 'do better', and need to know where you (especially if you don't come to church) feel we could improve. We don't expect to be able to do everything that people might suggest, but if we can get a good percentage return then we hope ti identify some key areas for improvement. It will be anonymous, though we shall use different coloured paper for the four villages. Envelopes will be provided for it to be returned in.

Information courtesy of SCAN magazine


From the Parish Register

Baptism --
Wedding --
Funeral Maud Atkins5 May

Information (apart from Football and Planning Applications) courtesy of SCAN magazine

The football/planning news is updated weekly, the other news is updated monthly.

Latest update: 11 July 1998

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