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Little Bird

Gossip - November

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet Yet again we report a very special performance by the children of our Village School at their own Harvest Festival Service, when, with some 50 parents and friends in attendance they brought to life all that the harvest means to us. They did it in their own special way and we are grateful to the teachers and helpers who helped them portray this lovely time of the rural year and give the on-lookers so much pleasure.

Bullet The Thumbstick Walkers will be on parade on Advent Sunday in the usual way when we shall walk 'The Searchlight' again. Always a favourite, we start just along the Newton Road from Hardmead and finish in Emberton, hard by the clock tower. The route taken is Top Farm, The Sheepfold, Clifton Pastures House, down the bank, over 'The Planks' crossing the River Ouse, past Olney Mill, through the Churchyard, onto the main road and through Emberton Park to finish. No dogs please. We start from the Knoll at 7.30am on Sunday 29 November. Please drive down.

Bullet PS. Since writing these notes we have heard from Mrs Caroline Ellis of Emberton that, on completion of the Advent Sunday walk, the whole company of walkers is invited to breakfast at West Lane House. And, may I remind you that, as a gesture, you could put a pound coin or so in your pocket, as there will be marmalade, pickles, chutney, on sale. This is not conditional - decidedly optional.

Bullet Though I say it what shouldn't, the Newport Singers gave a splendid concert to a somewhat smaller audience this year. We at SCAN head office have been criticised for our poor publicity, particularly as the event was to raise money for this magazine. It seems we must plead guilty. But - the next time we shall give you plenty of notice and you won't dare not be there. There'll be no reason for any empty chairs. Anyhow, thank you all Newport singers.

Bullet At the forementioned concert we were to see Sheila Hodgkins and Hubert sitting in the audience. This rare sight of Sheila not being on stage was brought about by her being under 'Doctor's Orders' for a while and now is a good time to wish her well and hope that she will soon be free from all ills and ailments. Thanks for all you do and have done, Sheila.

Bullet We had a fine day at Sherington Show with the support being most encouraging. There were some good entries and a happy atmosphere prevailed. Some folks say that there should have been more people there, but you always get that comment. The response bodes well for the future and we hope the organisers have booked the hall for next year's Show.

Bullet By the time you read this edition Bonfire Night will be upon us and, with it will come that awful Americanism 'Trick or Treat'. This demand by the young set has become something of an annual nuisance and is best dealt with by ignoring the doorknocker. If you are elderly and feel intimidated then ring for a neighbour or ring for someone who can deal with them. Above all, don't engage them on the doorstep.

Bullet 'You can set your watch by 'em', so said the man about the Canada geese as, forming a heavy skein, they fly over in the dusk, dark against the skyline. Better and infinitely safer than those jets that shake the household each night.

Bullet We are told that confession is good for the soul. Ah well, we'd better try it - During the summer recess, the little bird got a bit loaded with copy for the July/August edition and some had to be held over. Taking up the pen again after the holidays, he missed two items out. Now, it is never too late to say thank you, so in that light we report that the Junior Lace Club relinquished its activities earlier this year and found that they had a bank surplus (£50) which they felt they would like to donate somewhere and what better than the Myrtle Peach Trust. so they did and we say thank you to Barbara Barnwell and the Junior Lace Group for that donation. The next repair to make is in favour of the family of the late Mick Hockenhull. On Mick's passing they sent in a thank you letter to all our readers who had, in any way, been associated with his comfort and wellbeing either here or at Lathbury and Tyringham. Mick had done a great deal for this village and was very popular; quite naturally many friends and visitors went to see him and so a belated thank you from his family to you for all your kindness and consideration.

Bullet Following the Millennium evening in the Village Hall when John Cook outlined the prospectus, a short slide show was given. There were some who were interested in a more comprehensive Bygone evening and, in order to follow that vein, an evening of old slides and what have you, a few pictures of early Sherington and other Sheringtonabilia perhaps won't come amiss. This is a family evening so bring the children along if you wish and let's see what happens. The date has still to be arranged - watch out for posters.

Bullet Your generosity never fails when we mention the Salvation Army and, with the festive season coming up, now is the time to help them restock their larder. The caravan will be on The Knoll for another 'Give a Tin' day when you can make a small contribution by giving a tin of foodstuff or any other edible stock really. You can give a monetary donation if you like. Foodstuff, drink, money but not clothing or jumble. We shall be on The Knoll on Saturday morning from 9.30am until 12.30pm on 21 November.

Bullet With the harvest in and all the golden fields turned brown and ready for drilling it will be interesting to know what sort of yield we have had this time, particularly as some members of the SCAN villages asked for god's blessing on the crops at Rogationtide. It would be nice to think that the old boy came up trumps, wouldn't it?

Bullet We learn that one of our lady elders was to be seen, taking her leisure very sedately, cruising out of the parish in the company of her great grandson and others, chauffeur driven in a 1935 Rolls Royce, en route to lunch at Buckingham Palace. This, we understand, was a birthday treat and a lovely excursion it proved to be. On pain of death this little bird will go no further!

Bullet Have case (full of Willen Hospice Christmas cards, etc) will travel (Tel: 610984)



Bullet With sadness we report the death of Anne Milnes, daughter of Mr and Mrs Les Milnes of Hillview. This courageous young lady had suffered physical disability all her days but, not withstanding, had employment, ran her own household and her own accommodation in her own way thus setting an example to us all, an example to show that one can climb the meanest obstacle, no matter what, when you have the faith and the unfailing courage of such as Anne. We send condolences to the Family Milnes and may Anne rest in peace.

Bullet With equal sorrow we write of the passing of Ernie Ricketts of School Lane. Well known for his photographic and nature studies and all things to do with the roving camera, Ernie had done so much to record the last few years in Sherington, very important years historically and it is a fine testimonial to him that his work shall be valued and be a good guide in the years to come. Ernie was somewhat localised through ill health in recent months but his walking up Perry Lane with his dog holds a lasting memory for us all. Our sympathy goes to the Ricketts family. Ernie Ricketts, R.I.P.

Bullet As these notes were being prepared we received the news of the sudden death of Bob Fountaine of Gun Lane. As we write, many tributes are coming in and they are tributes in the true sense of that word - well earned and well deserved, to a man who has given in every way and made a worthwhile contribution, not only with advice but also by demonstration. Bob was a principal in farming, the Church and in sport and gave healthily to those causes firmly in the belief that one has one's part to play in this world and, as an Englishman, one should not neglect it. Many a local will expect to see him come round the corner as ever and it is difficult to understand that we shall never see the likes of Bob Fountaine again. To Mrs Pam Fountaine and family goes our full sympathy.


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