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Little Bird

Gossip - May

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet The sharp frost on the night of 14 April has about put paid to the blossoms and the people who know about such things are saying that we could have a poor yield as a result. That's a pity because hopes were high after last year's disaster for plums. We must do as Mr Gladstone said 'Wait and see'.

Bullet Plans are being made to hold another Rogation tide service up at the farm home of E Duncombe and Sons and it is hoped that it is given the same support as last year. Rogation is the time to ask for God's blessing on the crops and on the seeds - that they may be fruitful and the harvest shall not fail. The service will be under cover if wet and out in the open garden if the sun shines, some hymn singing, with organ support, and a get together afterwards. A truly rural occasion and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Bullet The Newport Pagnell Singers held a fine concert in St Lauds church on 17 April. Performing to a full church, the Musical Director was on top form, as was his choir. We are to thank Dr Gerald Hill and his members for a musical treat with the message 'Haste ye back to St Lauds'. Thank you all.

Bullet In relation to that concert, it appears that there was some disagreement about the time of starting. It took a phone call from our North Riding of Yorkshire correspondents, namely Jayne and Barry Hollis to put us right on that one and it was good to see them in the audience on the night. Thank you, Barry and Jayne.

Bullet The White Hart pub raised £135 from their Easter raffle in aid of Sherington School. Miss Victoria Coles did the draw and thanks to all concerned for that very good result.

Bullet While writing these notes we had a phone call from our old friend, The Wise Old Owl of North Crawley, namely Tom Bradshaw, to say he had heard the cuckoo on the morning of 19 April. Normally, in association with that claim comes one of sighting the first swallow of spring but no such statement has been heard as yet.

Bullet One of our most fervent supporters and a former landowner, rang to tell us that he was recently watching two young ladies walking their four-legged friends close to a field of rape, when thoughts of nesting birds occurred. There are many varieties of common and ground birds likely to be nesting hereabouts and any disturbance hinders the breeding and causes egg loss to a considerable degree (a loss we can ill afford). He suggests that care should be taken and dogs kept on a lead during this critical time when nesting birds are likely to be sitting on their eggs.

Bullet In recent weeks much work has been carried out on the Village Hall Car Park and how much better it is beginning to look! Couple that with the immaculate state of the inside of the Hall and we should count ourselves fortunate to have such a facility for our village events and affairs.

Bullet Don't forget the May Day Celebrations on Bank Holiday Monday when it is hoped that the usual pattern of events will unfold. In addition the Millennium Committee will announce the winners of their 100 Prize Draw so you should all listen for that. If you haven't a ticket yet there may just be time to buy one.

Bullet The Thumbstick Walkers will meet on Bank Holiday Monday, 31 May, so as to give the church attenders a chance to be with us. So let's repeat that - 7am on The Knoll, Bank Holiday Monday. Please drive down as we shall be on foreign ground.

Bullet Attendance on Thumbstick Walks is right down. Why? Surely in a village of this size, there are a few more people who would, if only occasionally, enjoy a walk in the company of their fellow villagers. Once one has struggled out of bed it is a purely pleasurable experience - to walk through the beautiful English countryside at a leisurely pace in the early morning stillness. I don't always get there but I can thoroughly recommend it. Put on some waterproof footwear (usually necessary) and come and give it a try!

Bullet During the course of last month, Church End resident, David Williams, General Manager of Formula One Racing Team, Williams Grand Prix Engineering (not related to Sir Frank Williams, the Chairman) was in Washington USA. He was there to receive a prestigious award from the Smithsonian Institute in recognition of his contribution to Engineering. David was based on Capitol Hill adjacent to the White House and, as his visit covered 3 days he was able to spend some free time finding out just what makes Uncle Sam tick. Some 800 candidates are nominated for the award, this number is then brought down to 150 before the final selection of 50 (15 from outside the USA) who are presented and become 'Laureates of the Smithsonian'. A rare honour and much coveted and our congratulations go to Dave on receiving this accolade.

Bullet Tuesday 13 April saw the final meeting of our Parish Council before the forthcoming election on 6 May. It also saw the retirement of Chairman, Derek Ferris, a long-standing servant of this village, who has given 24 years of service on the Parish Council. It is a record of outstanding dedication and one which Sherington acknowledges with grateful thanks. Rarely do we get such a person who will give willingly of his time and expertise to a cause he firmly believes in and who is prepared, at any time of day or night, to address all sorts of problems on behalf of others. Such is the reputation of Derek Ferris and there are many who say that he will never be replaced. We say a heart-felt thank you to Derek and his family for all the consideration he, and they, have shown, for almost a quarter of a century, in the way of benefiting their adopted village and for maintaining all that is good and proper in local government.

Bullet Mrs Veronica Keech of the High Street has not been at all well in recent weeks and has just undergone a spell in Milton Keynes Hospital. Calling to see Snowy to find out the latest, he tells us that care and quiet is the order of the day and he emphasises his grateful thanks to all those well-wishers (and there are many) for all their thoughts and prayers and hopes. We send our sincere good wishes to Mrs Keech and hasten the time when she is seen out and about again, caring for her family as of old.

Bullet By the time this edition of SCAN is out, Mr and Mrs Tonkin of School Lane will be making plans for their departure from Sherington to the district of Oulton Broad where they will be making their new home. Mrs Ellen Tonkin has given sterling service to St Lauds Church in her role as PCC Secretary and in sending our good wishes we also send our gratitude for all they have done in the service of the church.

Bullet We understand that Mrs Win Slater is now in The Green at Newport Pagnell. She is quite comfortable there but would welcome more visitors. Our best wishes go to Win in her new

Bullet A frightening message came into Head Office the other day when we learned that 'the little bird' has gone onto the internet, whatever that is. So now we are told, be you in Newport or New York, just press the button and up comes Sherington and SCAN on the screen. Some of us are not sure that this is the way to do it but that's modern science for you and we must learn to live with it. It's a long way from a pencil and slate, isn't it?


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