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Little Bird

Gossip - December

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

BulletOur 'Give a Tin' day was an overwhelming success with a splendid response from you all. It is quite a pleasant experience, sitting in the caravan on The Knoll, not knowing who will be next to 'come on in' and have a chat. Inevitably we had the ex-servicemen telling us about the good that the Salvation Army did in the war and how they were always up the front. Ex-Airman, Don Macfarlane and Ken Temple, former Parachute Regiment, were recalling former days. Ken told us that recently, at a Regimental Re-Union, he came across an old comrade whom he had not seen for over 45 years and yet they walked over and greeted each other as if only a day had separated them. Of course we must not overlook the fact that we had Ex-Servicewomen too and that was reflected in your offerings and generosity. Thank you all for some £36 in cash and nearly 500 items of food.

BulletWe shall be walking again on Boxing Day morning at the usual time of 9.30 from The Knoll and you will all be most welcome. Here's hoping that Snowy will again oblige as driver of the rescue car should you care to bring the young ones for a while. We shall be walking for about 2 hours so that you can all get back in time for The Swan and The White 'Un. One condition - no dogs please.

BulletWas it the SCAN article that got the pallets and the barrels moved? We can kid ourselves, can't we??!

BulletDid you see those high flying, gliding birds during the warm spell? They seemed miles high and so enjoying circling on the thermals. We are told that they were probably buzzards but that is open to debate. Whatever they were it was a lovely sight. And the woodpeckers? One walker was telling us of the regular sight of them in Park Road. We also have them in Water Lane.

BulletHad a call from the family of the late Elsie Forrest who died on October 1st in Willen Hospice. They wished to acknowledge the various condolence and sympathy messages received. Elsie lived in Perry Lane for some years and was involved to some degree in home care. A lively person to meet, she knew all about the 'star signs' and could always fly for this little bird by saying 'You Capricorns are always the same'. She lived, lately, in sheltered accommodation in Pennyland in Milton Keynes; she was aged 78 years and had been ill for the past 12 months.

BulletAt the recent funeral of Vernon Stanley, such was his esteem that the church was full and there was standing room only. Whilst Vernon spent all his married life in North Crawley, we must remember that he was a Sherington village lad with whom we all went to school - that is until he went to Wolverton after winning a scholarship. He was always a good academic and a man of strong courage which was well demonstrated upon the dreadful accident that brought about the amputation of his arm. We have happy memories of our earlier years as do his family and we hope that those memories serve them well in the years ahead.

BulletWhile the caravan was on The Knoll collecting for the 'Give a Tin' day, Lorna Risby went home and told her parents that the New Age Travellers had started gathering on The Knoll. Does the caravan really look that bad??

BulletWill the Thumbstick Walkers please note that the January walk will be announced in the New Year edition of SCAN.

BulletIt is pleasing to see that gradually the local authority is tidying up the Rectory corner. The new kerbing was long overdue. It's a good improvement and well done.

BulletListening to William Cowper's hymns on the radio, we were reminded of the late George Ireland who had his own version - 'God moves in a mysterious way, let vengeance on 'em fall'. Thus he would sing when playing Double Five at dominoes in the Crown and Castle pub in the High Street. George always smoked Black Beauty Shag tobacco, hand rolled of course, and no flies or midges ever settled upon or near him. When he lit a 'fag' the bystander had to be of good courage to suffer it. 'Do you know, boy, there's nothing like one of my home-made 'uns' he used to say. That was the understatement of the week. Ah, happy days!

BulletWe had a visit from a man who was seeking the history of the aircraft crashes within the parish of Sherington during the last war. He was very well informed and had the correct dates, the names of the crew, etc. but wanted someone wth the actual memory of the incidents - an eye-witness so to speak. Well now, step forward a good many of you but it would be useful to the enquirer to listen to first hand reports, so if you have a particular memory, let us know and we'll pass it on or, as he lives locally, we could arrange a meeting.

BulletOur old friend, Stan Sharvell, supplied us with the November and the christmas cover of SCAN. He didn't add his legend to either but it has been known for Stan to put three letters after his name at the bottom of his work, 'Stan Sharvell F.O.C.' and that means 'Free of Charge'. We are most grateful and thank you, Stan.

BulletBetween now and the New Year there will be a lot of Christian work done and demonstrated: the Christmas tree will go up on The Knoll; the church will be floodlit; the carol singers will be about (watch for notices); shopping will be done for the elderly and dozens of other things will slip into place through the kindness of the heart. And all you good folk who serve the public - the pubs, the Post Office, the shops and the church - paper boys and girls, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. It all leads to the fact that we have a good deal to be thankful for in this small village of ours and, in spite of numerous protests, we haven't had a bad year.

BulletIf anyone is on their own and wishes for company at Christmas, then let us know and we'll do something about it.

BulletSo, there you are. Ring out wild bells, ring in the new! Next Sunday is 'Stir up Sunday' and one of our friends at Clifton Pastures, namely Andrew Finn-Kelcey writes each year to invite us to walk over his land from Searchlight to Olney. He says that he always thinks of Sherington when it's 'Stir the pudden in the pot Sunday'. Never heard of that one before. Thank you all for putting up with this little bird during 1997. Have yourselves a peaceful and cheerful Christmas. Good luck to you in the New Year - and here's to the next time!


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