Virginia House Stores - Closure
  • Pam and Alan would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the many cards, letters, flowers and thoughts following the break­in/burglary into both the shop and our house on Sunday 20th September, 2009. It was comforting that so many people from Sherington and surrounding villages conveyed their concern and support.
  • At the 5th September meeting in the village hall we stated that our intention was to close Virginia House Stores in mid 2011 coincidental with the opening of a new village shop to be built within Sherington.
  • Unfortunately with the recent burglary we have had to reassess the situation and having considered that this was the third such event within 5 years, the first being an armed robbery and only last year the robbery of a large amount of tobacco products whilst at a wholesaler, we feel that we have been fortunate in that neither us and/or our staff have been injured although deeply shocked.
  • This piece of fortune or luck (if you can call it that) might not be maintained should there be any subsequent repetition and therefore we have reluctantly decided that we will begin with immediate effect to run stock down with a view to closing the shop permanently during January 2010.
  • Whilst we appreciate that this will disadvantage some people within the village we are sure that this decision, which has not been taken lightly, will be fully understood by the whole village.
  • However, in accordance with our commitment at the September meeting, we will continue to deliver newspapers and magazines to all our existing and potentially new customers within Sherington and all the neighbouring villages until June 2011. Similarly, although our shop will not be open we will also provide a facility where by customers that prefer to collect their papers will be able to do so. By taking this action it will guarantee that the major share of news customers will not be inconvenienced and that this segment will provide a cornerstone for the new village shop in mid 2011.
  • May we take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support and business over the last 13+ years.
            Pam and Alan Sims






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