Centenary Heraldic Design
Unofficial Shield - see this page for details
  • The heraldic shield was designed by Barry Hollis (who was Chairman of the Parish Council at the time) for the cover of the souvenir programme of events issued to mark the centenary year of Sherington Parish Council in 1995. In the representation here the colour of the background has been changed from white to light blue, allowing the colour of the hart and swan to revert back to white from the red of the original. The following description and explanation was also published in the centenary year programme.
  Heraldic Description
  • Vert within a bordure a cogwheel argent between two pallets argent a chief Or thereon a bishops mitre gules.
    • Crest    On a torse vert and Or a mural crown gules issuant therefrom an owl statant guardant Or.
    • Supporters    On a compartment a stag statant gules attired and hoofed Or and a swan erect gules beaked and legged Or.
    • Motto    SHARING
  Reason for the Components
  • The green shield symbolises the general rural area in which Sherington is situated: the bordure represents the roads that encircle the village in an approximate shield shape (Gun Lane/School Lane/Bedford Road, High Street and Chicheley Hill) and the two wavy lines allude to the two roads that form the main routes in the village (Church Road and Crofts End) but they also, by being in white and as a wavy line - which is the usual symbol for water, represent the stream which flows through the village and the nearby R. Ouse. The cog-wheel represents the light engineering undertaken in the village.
  • The yellow portion of the shield represents the cereal and rape seed farming undertaken in the area whilst the red bishops mitre is shown for the church of St Laud, named after the bishop of that name. The top part of the shield in its colour and ecclesiastical connection is similar to that of the County of Buckinghamshire and therefore is a link with the area as a whole.
  • The stag is often called in heraldry a 'hart' and this together with the swan are indicative of the two public houses of those names. In opposite positions these two are used as supporters to the Arms of the County and it can be said that they are used to show the support given to the village by that organisation as well as that provided by the public houses. The supporters stand on a grassy mound, which represents the common land in the village which is owned or maintained by the Parish Council.
  • The crest of a mural crown, often known as a civic crown, represents the guardianship of the village affairs undertaken by the Parish Council. It is coloured red for the bricks that were made in the adjoining parish of Chicheley and with which some of the houses in the village are constructed. The owl is indicative of wisdom and represents the collective knowledge of the members of the Council. It is looking at the viewer to represent the direct approach to problems taken by the Parish Council. The owl also represents the teaching given at the village school, located at the top of the village.
  • The motto 'SHARING' is to show the attitude which prevails in the village. Although spelt differently it is also the way in which the first part of the village name is said.
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