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The Pavilion, Perry Lane Sports and Recreation Ground


  • If you are interested in booking the Pavilion or Sports Ground, first check the Bookings Calendar below to confirm availability.
  • If it is available, contact the Booking Clerk pavilionsherington@gmail.com to make the booking.
  • The Booking Clerk will be able to provide a quote, discuss any special requirements, e.g. table/chair layouts, and answer questions.


  • Function Room - £10 per hour. This includes use of the kitchen and the grass area outside the Pavilion (but not the football pitch).
  • Football Pitch - £40 per game. This includes use of the changing rooms, line painting and set up of the nets and flags.
  • Please enquire for a customised quote if you wish to use a different combination of facilities, e.g. the function room and changing rooms, or just the sports field, or otherwise have special requirements.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. Sorry, but cash cannot be accepted.
  • The hire charges are currently under review, and will change on 1 January 2016, so book now to take advantage of these low rates.
  • Note: the function room and kitchen are in one half of the building whilst the changing rooms are in the other half. They can be used simultaneously and independently of each other. Use of the function room is not affected by use of the changing rooms, and vice versa. Entry to the function room is through the main porch, whilst footballers can access the changing rooms through the side door.
  • After booking, please check the availability calendar to confirm your details are correct. For a private booking, it will just say 'busy' and your contact details and other information will be hidden. For a public event, we will publish the name of the event, and the pop-up description (opened by clicking on it) can contain any information you wish to make available, e.g. email, web site, phone, other details.

Availability Calendar

  Please note: the calendar records the times for which the facility has been reserved, including setting up and taking down time, and not the time of the event itself.

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