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News - October

Fish and Chips

Bullet A fish and chips takeaway service is now available from The White Hart on Friday evenings from 5pm to 6.45pm.


Resignation of Councillor

Bullet The Milton Keynes Councillor for Sherington, Mrs Pat Seymour, has resigned from the Bucks and Milton Keynes Fire Authority in protest at the Authority's decision to impose charges for pumping out properties affected by the Easter floods. She feels that the members of her ward have suffered enough, by having had their homes filled with dirty and smelly water, and she feels it isn't right that they should now be landed with these charges.

Bullet Local businesswoman Paola Verolini is one of those who have been billed. She says that she does not intend to pay and claims she is prepared to go to prison if necessary. She says there was no mention of any charges at the time. The Fire Authority chairman, Cllr Rex Lingham-Wood, has defended the charges: the Fire Brigade is not funded to carry out pumping work, as it basically exists to fight fires and, as its budget is very limited, it is necessary to recoup some of the £,50,000 spent during the Easter weekend in order to provide fire cover to the standards expected by the Home Office.


Local Bus Services

Bullet Milton Keynes Council has agreed to subsidise the rural bus services number 16, 17, 35 and 90 for another year, allowing the services to continue to operate.


Cream Teas

Bullet Cream teas served in the Village Hall on Bank Holiday Monday raised £160 for the Myrtle Peach Trust.


Anita Arnold's Millennium Project

Bullet Anita is convinced that a seat on The Knoll would be of great benefit especially to the older members of the community. Many of them live in the top half of the village and Anita feels that they would be more inclined to walk to the shop and post office and thus keep active if there was a seat where they could rest before the return journey up the hill. It would also encourage the use of the village shops.

Bullet Anita was refused funding by the Help The Aged Millennium Awards Scheme because this project doesn't fit with their criteria for projects which involve continuing activities, so she is now hoping for support from other sources. Perhaps a village club, a youth group, a business would like to make this contribution to the village in the year 2000? Perhaps an individual would like to achieve a small measure of immortality for themselves or a relative by having their name on a seat in the centre of the village. The cost would be approximately £350 for a bench and its installation.

Bullet Anita would be delighted if funds could be found to provide one seat on The Knoll - to replace the old one which fell apart from use and wear, but there are convenient locations for two more should funds be sufficient.

Bullet If you are interested or could help in any way please get in touch with Mrs A Arnold, 21A High Street (Tel: 612794).


Sports Achiever of the Month

Bullet Bucks and Bletchley Town cricketer Kelvin Locke is the under 18 winner of the Citizen/Milton Keynes Sports Council/NatWest sports achiever of the year award for July.

Bullet Kelvin, from Sherington, captained Bucks' under 17s in the Texaco Cup competition, represented Bucks' under 19s in the Cambridge Festival and played for the first team in the Minor Counties Eastern Division while being 12th man at the NatWest Trophy first round tie against Surrey at the Foster's Oval. During July he hammered 163 not out for Bucks' under 19s against Beds, hitting 45 and 49 not out for the senior team against Beds in the Minor Counties Championship.

From the Milton Keynes Citizen, 1 October 1998


School News


It is always exciting (and sometimes a bit scary!) to start another school year. The staff are wondering 'Where on earth did that six weeks go?' and the children are full of chatter about their holiday adventures. The first assembly included 'treasures' from the teachers, with accompanying stories about stones from Cornish beaches, olives from Greece and tales of King Arthur from a Breton holiday.


The school welcomed seven new children into the school family - Steven, Anna, James, Shanice, Amy, Angela, Lloyd and Jamie - and the 'big' ones in Mr Storey's class helped them to settle in quickly and happily. Exciting plans have been made for the term and these include the Harvest Festival to be held in the Church on Friday 2 October. After the service, older pupils help Mrs Fleming take all the produce to Willen Hospice.


The fund-raising this term will be in the form of a Sponsored Spell with words based on the harvest theme and some poetry for the older pupils to memorise.

Interested In Becoming A School Governor?


An open evening for prospective governors will be held on Wednesday 21 October, 7.30pm at Willen Combined School, Beaufort Drive. You will have the opportunity to meet Governors, Head Teachers and Council Officers to find out more about the role of Governors. Please phone Margaret Kent (Tel: 253248) if you wish to attend.


Playgroup News

Bullet The Playgroup have now started a new and busy term after a wonderful summer holiday.

Bullet The theme this term is 'Animals' in all shapes, sizes and varieties. During the first half of term the Playgroup will look at animals close to home - in the garden, woods, pond, farmyard and pets.

Bullet As ten children left at the end of the Summer Term and there are no new children joining, the Playgroup is fairly quiet this Autumn. However the Playgroup looks forward to welcoming Jessica Hargreaves at the end of September. Few children means fewer funds for the Playgroup and fund-raising efforts will therefore be stepped up. The support of parents, carers, villagers, friends and family is, as always, greatly appreciated and therefore you will want to put the following dates in your diaries:

Both will be held in the Village Hall and everyone is welcome.


Parish Council Notes And News

Bulk Skip

Bullet The bulk skip will be available in Leys View from 29 September to 1 October, and in Perry Lane from 27 to 29 October.

Damage At The Sports Pavilion

Bullet Last month it was reported that windows had been broken due to golfers aiming balls towards the sports pavilion. It is realised that these broken windows were caused accidentally, but it is hoped that the special pleas to all golfing enthusiasts have fallen on the correct ears.

Bullet More serious problems are that small children have been throwing stones on the roof of the pavilion. The glass of the roof light has been broken and several tiles are also damaged. It is believed that the children have been 'Playing War'. The Parish council urges all parents whose children play in the recreation field to warn them of the danger and destruction that can be caused by stone throwing. Also someone with an air rifle has deliberately shot a hole in the safety glass on the pavilion door.

Bullet The repairs that are having to be carried out are being paid for from the Parish Council Precept, which is part of Sherington Council Tax. The Parish Council would rather spend this money on improvements in the village. They ask everyone to help stop property being vandalised.

Attendance at Meetings

Bullet All residents of Sherington are welcome at Parish Council meetings and there is always a 'public question time' item, so that members of the general public have an opportunity to make comments or put questions to their councillors.



Planning Applications

Bullet The following applications have been submitted to Milton Keynes Council:

Bullet Milton Keynes Council has granted permission for the following:



Football - North Bucks and District League

Premier Division
5 Sept Padbury United 1 Sherington 0
12 Sept Sherington 3 Westbury 1
19 Sept Sherington 5 Yardley Gobion 2
26 Sept Roade 2 Sherington 1
10 Oct Wicken Sports 2 Sherington 3
17 Oct Bow Brickhill 2 Sherington 2
24 Oct Silverstone P Sherington P

Intermediate Division
12 Sept Great Horwood 2 Sherington Reserves 2
19 Sept Abbey National 1 Sherington Reserves 2
26 Sept Sherington Reserves 1 Leedon Athletic 2
17 Oct Sherington Reserves 3 Tesco 2
24 Oct Sherington Reserves 0 Padbury United Reserves 1

Berks and Bucks Intermediate Cup - First Round
3 Oct Sherington 3 Oakley United 2

Berks and Bucks Junior Cup - First Round
10 Oct Sherington Reserves 0 Old Bradwell Reserves 4


For Sale Sign

Houses For Sale

Bullet The following houses have recently been advertised for sale. Details are available from local estate agents, especially those in Newport Pagnell or Olney.

        Bullet 3 bedroomed semi-detached house (1930s), £74,950.

        Bullet 3 bedroomed detached bungalow, £185,000.

        Bullet 3 bedroomed detached house, £185,000.

        Bullet 2 bedroomed link detached house, £99,995.

        Bullet 2 bedroomed period cottage, £89,995.

        Bullet 2 bedroomed link detached bungalow, £94,995.

        Bullet The Manor House - 8 bedrooms. Grade 2 listed, 16th Century. Over 4 acres, including moat. See Photo in Photo Album

        Bullet One bedroom accommodation at the Old Chapel, Crofts End, £44,500. See Photo in Photo Album

        Bullet 3 bedroomed house, £93,500.

        Bullet 2 bedroomed unfurnished stone cottage, £595 per month to rent.


Recent Events

6 Oct 7.30pm Sherington School Parish Council Meeting
18 Oct 7pm The Knoll Thumbstick Walkers
21 Oct - - Deadline for November SCAN
3 Nov 7.30pm Sherington School Parish Council Meeting

Safari Supper

Bullet Saturday, 7 November - Various Village Houses.
Commencing at 7pm - in aid of Church Funds
Tickets (£12.50) available from Jill Burgess (Tel: 611163) or Christine Bearman (Tel: 611274).
A Safari Supper consists of having a starter at one house in the village, going on to a second house for the main course and then meeting all together at a third house for pudding and coffee. Wine is included. Offers to host a table of eight for one of the courses will be most welcome. Hosts will be offered a small contribution towards expenses.



Tuesday Coffee Mornings

29 September Mrs E Pepper 38 Water Lane
6 October Mrs D Stephens 1A Church Road
13 October Mrs H Milner 5 Hillview
20 October Mr and Mrs D MacFarlane 8 School Lane
27 October Mrs E Field 4 Park Road



The New Thursday Group

Bullet Thursday 1 October - Mrs Pat Hewison, Justice of the Peace, will tell the group of her work as a Magistrate.

Bullet Thursday 15 October - 'A Fascination of Fans' by Ms Marion Maule Stoke Goldington's Thursday Club will join the group. Ms Maule, a professional speaker, is always entertaining and will illustrate her talk on the language and history of fans with many examples.

Bullet Thursday 5 November - Don't forget to be limbering up for this meeting.


Church News

Talent Competition (with a difference) - Coming Soon

Bullet The Church are planning to offer £10 or £20 to anyone willing to trade with it for 6 months, and return the original sum plus profit to the church. The only stipulation is that it must be legal, decent and honest! There are plans to offer prizes for the best return and the most original idea.


From the Parish Register

Baptism Oliver and Amelia Bryant6 Sept
Wedding Christopher Barber and Rachel Hartgrove12 Sept
Funeral Frank Gorf (Ashes)16 Sept

Information (apart from Football and Planning Applications) courtesy of SCAN magazine

The football/planning news is updated weekly, the other news is updated monthly.

Latest update: 25 October 1998

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