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Little Bird

Gossip - September 1999

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet It's been an interesting recess. Quite a number of things have happened - like the kittens at Manor Farm misbehaving by going over the grain pit (forbiddem territory) and accidentally sliding down the slope. The men had to get the fork lift and remove the grating, then line the slippery slope with some hessian in order for Mother Cat to guide the youngsters up the wall to gain the top and safety. A time-consuming exercise but well worth the end result. Well done, they!

Bullet As we go to press the result of the Myrtle Peach Auction is £783. Interestingly, one of the highest priced items was the water colour painting of St Lauds Church by John Kitchen, kindly donated by another local artist of high renown. That sold for £150, the buyer being Mr Brian West of the well-known local business for Garden and Building Supplies. Thanks go to Trevor and Eleanor and all helpers at The Swan, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, namely Ian Duncan, and, of course, to the Auctioneer whose performance was once again beyond compare. Thank you, Derek Ferris, for taking the rostrum and squeezing that fine result from the audience in such an amusing and jocular fashion.

Bullet Congratulations to Mrs Rosemary Fenton of Water Lane who has recently gained her degree in law and now holds the coveted LLB. Not easy to run the family home as you do your studies, so well done, Rosemary.

Bullet Reports have it that it went somewhat cold and eerie 'up the 'llotments' during the eclipse and, with the drop in temperature it was worth another pullover but that rare event didn't deter the digging of the taters for above two minutes when normal service was resumed.

Bullet The pipeline workers are going ahead apace; they are now well out of the Parish of Sherington and have gone 15 metres (45 feet) under the River Ouse at Tyringham Waters to move on towards Ravenstone and Salcey Forest. The continuous pipe is in the trench that far and they must keep up this tremendous pace if they are to have the pipeline from Dunstable to rugby by the given date of 14 September - just a month as we write. It's a devil of a project, costing 26 million pounds but should it last as well as the first one (35 years) then we shan't be here to worry about the mess on the road next time, shall we?

Bullet Never have we heard of so many snakes about as there are this summer. It seems that in all places and in all gardens they abound. Right in the middle of the village this writer lifted a sheet of corrugated iron only to find a rare old fellow coiled up, as big as a barrow wheel. In North Bucks parlance: 'I let him be!'

Bullet Having a quick word with Jeremy Hine last week we learned that he had been down to Falmouth to pick up his son, Philip who had finally reached these shores after sailing in from Newfoundland. 'Home is the sailor, home from the sea', but it took another eight hours to return from Falmouth to Sherington the next day.

Bullet We have it from a very knowledeable student, resident in Water Lane for over 70 years, that there are cormorants on the lower reaches of Sherington waters. We never know what old Mother Nature will provide us with next.

Bullet Up the garden path a few days ago strode a healthy young blade who said 'Hello. My name is Geoff Ellens.' He is the fellow who went to Australia with young Allan Garratt some 33 years ago. Allan returned to England soon afterwards but Geoff stayed on, married and raised a family there. He met with hard work but also with success and he was on a month's visit, staying with his brother, Ross Ellens at Cosgrove. We were asked if we could furnish Allan Garratt's address and we found him in the Northamptonshire town of Desborough, near Kettering. So Geoff and Allan met in The Bull at Olney a few days before Geoff's return to Adelaide. Both the lads have done well and it was good they should meet and 'have it all over'.

Bullet On that note we also have with us at the present time Mrs Tom Brown, formerly Kathleen Chappill. For the last 25 years a resident of Auckland, New Zealand, she was here to be with her brother, Eric, who passed away soon after her arrival. She changes little and still maintains her English attitude to all things. Mr and Mrs Peter Hoole of The Small House have their grandchildren from San Fransisco with them. They came to attend the wedding of Douglas Hoole, one-time choir member of St Lauds Church, whose ceremony took place in st Albans last month. Every blessing to them.

Bullet The Newport Singers had a most enjoyable barbecue at Water Lane Farm recently. Gerald Stratton and Peter Jeffrey were head of catering and the last to leave had to empty all the demijohns of the home-made wine that this pair of cocktail-makers had concocted. Reminiscent of rosy apples in late September were the faces of those who stayed the course and a lovely time was had by all. Not without purpose do we mention this event because it leads into the reminder of a fine concert programme promised for the evening of 25 September by the Newport Pagnell Singers. This concert is in aid of SCAN magazine and it follows that we hope to see the Church full to capacity. We are assured by Musical Director Dr Gerald Hill that a very well chosen selection of music is on offer and we look forward to receiving your support.

Bullet Forward goes Kelvin Locke in his cricketing career. Having been chosen to play for the England Under-Nineteens against Australia Under-Nineteens at the Kimbolton School Ground, he went in as opening bat. In spite of England being all out for 89 runs in the first innings against Australia's total of 363 for 6 declared, Kelvin carried his bat, not out for 50 runs. Being unable to avoid the follow-on they were put in to bat straight away so Kelvin opened yet again and, although England was beaten by an innings and 40 odd runs, Kelvin again carried his bat, not out for 76 runs. A fine performance by this young man! Who knows how it will all finish with such great promise shown at the age of 18 years.

Bullet Another young man with laurels thick upon him is Andrew Watts of Crofts End. Through the post we received a copy of the programme of the presentation awards at Moulton College of Agriculture, Northampton. We see that Andrew took a College Diploma in Agriculture with distinction and another special prize in Practical Stockmanship. Add to that a trophy for 'The student who has made the greatest contribution to corporate life'. The final accolade after all this was to give the vote of thanks to all concerned with the presentation of the programme. What can we say but 'Well done, young Andrew Watts!' To our knowledge the lad has had to work very hard to earn such fine results and may he continue to meet with success.

Bullet The Thumbstick Club will meet on Sunday 5 September at 7am on The Knoll. Last time out we walked the length of the pipeline from Tyringham through to Sherington - a rare chance to see the Parish from an acutely different angle. 'Twas good although only five of us turned out. Sunday 5 September then at 7am sharp. No dogs please.

Bullet At the risk of being shot at dawn, we send our greetings to Mrs Dorothy Line of the Thatched Cottage on The Knoll who is not only back home but also celebrated her 91st birthday last week.


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