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Little Bird

Gossip - September

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet The organisers of the Flower Festival in St Lauds are to be congratulated for the way in which they called the village together to present such a wonderful floral display and then for leaving it on for the rest of the week. It was a sheer delight and made us all aware of the beauty of the earth. That event was closely followed by a marathon 50/50 sale in the Village Hall with our old friend, Derek Ferris, having to pull out all the stops in order to get everything sold. But he is made of strong stuff and came out on top again. There was no let up as we went up to the Hall again for what is now the Annual Pig Roast. That evening was a 'sell-out' with some 140 tickets sold days before the event. The verdict was another overwhelming success with some very fine line dancing to be seen from the side lines. It is a lovely method of formation dancing but you don't get very close to your partner, do you?

Bullet By now, of course, the harvest was being gathered. Combining started on the 15th of July or earlier for some (betcha Old Tom saw some on the 10th) and the summer was in full swing. Up at the school on leavers' day the usual emotions were shown as they sang, 'One more step along the road I go'. We, at SCAN, had a duty to pop in and say 'Bon Voyage' to Mrs Margaret Burgess of Crofts End as she packed her things, ready to make her way to her new home in Lewes, East Sussex, which is where her younger daughter lives. Major and Mrs Burgess have been with us here for over 30 years.

Bullet While all this was happening preparations were being made for the Myrtle Peach Trust Auction at The Swan. That event turned out to be the success of the century with £1203 being raised under the hammer of Derek Ferris. Thanks are due to all at The Swan for their co-operation. We are often asked, 'What would Myrtle say if she were here?' We don't know but it would probably have been unprintable. It was good to see that Monica and Denis Cheeseman were able to attend. Eveything is well with them in faraway Norfolk we understand.

Bullet Alarm bells started to ring when New Age Travellers were observed in the grounds of Carisbrooke House. In the absence of Parish Council chairman Derek Ferris who is on holiday, Vice Chairman Katie Hayes put on red alert and she, with the help of others, promptly put the unwelcome visitors to flight.

Bullet Sherington's best known elderly lady, Mrs Bill Line, had a birthday on Monday 10 August. It was her 90th and so we carried our best wishes to her and in so doing heard her at her best with anecdotes and bygones. Next day at the Thursday Group Coffee Morning, a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday made the rafters ring. Mrs Line had been brought up to the Hall to join in and it was all good fun.

Bullet Soon after that we heard that Frank and Eunice Sweet were on their way from Australia and sure enough, shortly afterwards, we met them in the lane, bright and early, 7.30 am - you have to get out early there to avoid the heat of the day - looking no different at all, they are both in good nick after 20 years away from Sherington and 12 in Australia. They are here for 8 weeks, staying with Eunice's brother, Charlie Haynes, and with her sister, Mrs Elsie Parker.

Bullet It was with mixed feeling that we saw the furniture van outside Mrs Margaret Chapman's house in Church Road. On the one hand we know that Mrs Chapman felt that the house was larger than she needed and the garden, being kept in immaculate condition for the last 50 years, was too much for her and now she is a resident in Chartwell in Newport and that should lessen the burden for her. We will miss Margaret very much but life must move on and our best wishes go with her.

Bullet We had a visiting team of bell ringers, travelling under the name of 'The Camping Camponologists'. They were camping out at Cosgrove and the bells of St Lauds sounded to advantage out over the countryside of the Ouse Valley, we are told.

Bullet To our new Astwood pen: 'Oh, me lads, you should have seen 'em ganging'. Welcome to the birdcage, Mike, but beware, 14 magpies have been shot in the Parish already this year.

Bullet Next Thumbstick Walk is on 31 August - Bank Holiday Monday. 8.30 am from The Knoll. No dogs please.

Bullet Motoring along by Mill Lane recently we had cause to wait awhile when along came PC Webster on his bike and wearing his helmet. He was on his way from Newport to have a look around the village. What a pleasant change it was! We had a chat, then went on our way but the world suddenly seemed a more civilised place.

Bullet As Peter sat steering that monstrous tractor pulling 6 furrows at plough, we sat in the cab taking it all in, watching the gulls swooping down on the newly tilled earth, enjoying the somewhat shaky view from the very high seat. 'What wild life do you see during your day's ploughing?' we asked. He told us that while having his dinner near the spinney a kestrel settled on the branches of a dead tree and in its beak it held a mouse. Although its young could be heard clamouring to be fed the old bird wasn't prepared to go to the nest with someone about. She sat Peter out and never did reveal the location of the nest hole in the tree.



Bullet In our obituary for this edition we record the passing of Mr Lill of Church Road. He was the proprietor and principal of Andrew Charles, the well known jeweller in Newport Pagnell. Although not enjoying the best of health, he was able to go to his business daily until he took a turn for the worse from which he did not recover. We send our condolences to Mrs Lill and her family in the untimely loss of a husband and father.

Bullet With love and thanksgiving, many people this day (17 August) attended Crownhill Crematorium to say farewell to Gertrude Perkins of Hillview who passed away quite suddenly aged 84 years. Probably one of the last of the 'Old School', this lady of great bearing and unfailing dignity was always a joy to meet. She was interesting and interested; she cared about people and always had time for them. A regular supporter of all things parochial, this lovely lady will be a loss to the parish in general but forward she has gone to join Tony once again leaving her relatives and friends missing her greatly but with happy memories. Gertrude Perkins Rest in peace.

Bullet We all had a veil of darkness thrust upon us on hearing the dreadful news of the death of thirteen year old Eleanor Waine of Carters Close. As the result of an accident while on holiday with her family in Spain, the dear girl was rushed to a near-by hospital but died shortly afterwards in spite of all the effort by the medical staff there. This lovable, 'tomboyish' character was very popular in her age group and testimony to that was borne out at her funeral in St Lauds by many teenagers in attendance. Conducted by Revd. Nigel Pond of Olney in the absence of our own Rector, this service must have been a great support to Eleanor's family and Nigel's words of solace will linger long in the memory of all in attendance. It is on occasions such as this that Sherington becomes one large family and may the heartfelt sympathy of each and every one of us manifest itself to Toni, Brian and the rest of the family at this most tender and difficult time. Eleanor Waine, may you rest in peace.


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