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Little Bird

Gossip - October

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet The National Ploughing Championships of All England will take place at Preston Capes, Northamptonshire on 10 October. The venue, we are told, is the home farm of Mr and Mrs Michael Fountaine, formerly of Hill Farm Chicheley. Some 250 teams will be contesting the title so it should be an interesting day. See you there.

Bullet Milton Keynes District Sports Council have written to Kelvin Locke Jr. informing him that he has been declared their sports achiever of the month of July and that his monetary reward is a £50 voucher. We didn't hear whether the voucher is for The White Hart only but, if so, mine's a light ale. In any event, well done!

Bullet Yet another award to Bill Bennet's daughter, Pam, who, we understand, was recognised as 'Student of the Year' at Northampton College recently. Studying Home Care which is part of her profession, she received, as part of her largesse, a weekend in a luxury hotel in Birmingham and a handsome cup. Pam, now Mrs Flynn, went to school in Sherington and at that time lived with her parents, Mr and Mrs Bill Bennett in Church Road. Our best wishes go to her.

Bullet Whilst dealing with that part of the village, let's talk about Mrs Edna White, who, we understand, is keeping fair and doing well in the Shire of Norfolk. Bumping into her son, Roger, recently, we asked for her news. 'She's OK', he said, 'much the same but she has her off-days'. Don't we all. We send her our good wishes also.

Bullet The Thumbsticks had an unusual walk last time out. We crossed Sherington Bridge and went down the bank on the other side, followed the river downstream, crossed back over the new bridge and gained The Knoll after a very pleasant riverside walk. That was with the permission of the landowners, may we stress. While river watching, one female member saw something that looked like a large length of water weed. Much argument ensued but, when prodded, it turned out to be a large pike, long as your arm or longer, and one that Bob Feasey or Richard Alexander has obviously missed.

Bullet Next walk for the Thumbsticks will be Sunday 18 October at 7pm. Will you please drive down as we shall be out of town. No dogs please. N.B. Thank you, Mrs Pearl Teasdale, for your hospitality and your generosity in arranging the Barbecue on 3 September. 'Twas a lovely get-together and may you hold many of 'em!

Bullet We also had a children's nature walk last month with 16 supporters in attendance. We walked the length of Water Lane Farm by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Peter Gardner. Local model aviator, Colin Mitchell, gave the children a rare acrobatic display. Taking off from their feet, he sent the model several hundred feet up and returned it to within a few inches of its starting point. All good stuff and very interesting.

Bullet Sentiments ran high among the school leavers as we remarked last month and, it seems for some, they are just as high at the start of a new term. Taking the kids to school for the first time can also be a tear jerker as was witnessed last week. As the old song says,

'They will do all they can to make you a man
They will kiss you goodbye at the door
They will sigh for you, cry for you,
Yes, even die for you.
That's what God made Mothers for.'

Bullet Now, we have a very serious matter to discuss with you. Recently, driving back from Chicheley Evensong, with a car full of choir members, we were entering Perry Lane from Bedford Road - opposite Mr and Mrs Larvin's house - when we saw, on the road, a rabbit infected with Myxamotosis. This poor creature was almost paralysed and certainly couldn't move from the path of the traffic. At the time we were unable to do anything in the way of humane killing so had to leave the wretched thing to its fate. The whole subject of the disease is despicable in its origin but what does a person do? Society has a lot to answer for. And if you are one of our Choir members who is seriously concerned about such matters, you feel that it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask what the local pest control people are making available to the general public - to those who haven't a gun or even the courage to smite the thing a deadly blow. It would be interesting to know what the official answer to such matters is. Maybe our readers have their own views on the topic...

Bullet Viv Risby tells us that she and her family recently visited Canada to see Charlie (Bugler) Lake. This man lived in what was, until recently, Den and Monica Cheeseman's house and is brother to Mrs Bill Chapman and the late Albert West. Always was a happy-go-lucky character, he decided in the 50s that the new world of Canada held his fortune and that of his wife, Eleanor and their children. Now, approaching 80 years and severely crippled with arthritis he is confined to a wheel chair but apparently still singing his songs. How well we remember him singing 'The German Clock Winder' and 'Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?' Thank you Charlie for sending your good wishes. Here! Catch ours to you too!

Bullet From the Daily Telegraph:- Miss Fleur Crocker, formerly of Water Lane married recently at Collingtree Parish Church.

Bullet Question. Who is the person who lives yet in the house of his birth and enjoyed his 70th birthday on 9 September 1998?

Bullet It's a poor year for plums but a good one for sloes. Yes, you may snigger but you won't do so when your sloe has matured and, in the dead of winter, warms the cockles of your heart. It's time now for such activities. Last night was spent pickling onions - they're a bit oversize this time aren't they? A bit of a job getting them in the jars. But we welcome the chance to renew the store as we are on the last jars from last year.

Bullet Trevor was telling us of the man who went to borrow his neighbour's cross-cut saw. 'Ah, you could've done but I got it jammed in a cabbage' was the reply.

Bullet The Millennium Committee are working apace and, while we know that there are some who wonder what the fuss is about, the committee is putting its best ideas forward to recognise a once-in-a-thousand year's opportunity for celebration. Chairman, John Cook, and his group are considering a most promising list of events. Amongst them is a proposed 'Son et Lumiere' and that is a quite exciting thing to do. And there are many other things planned so watch this space.

Bullet We learn recently of the passing of Redmund Russell, one time Headmaster of Shenley School and husband of our former Headmistress, Mrs Kathleen Russell to whom we send our deepest sympathy. Present address:- The White House, Venn Ottery, Ottery St Mary, Devon.

Bullet The following letter comes from Mrs Margaret Chapman, formerly of Church Road and now at 5 Chartwell, Newport Pagnell:-

'I would like to thank family and friends for all the cards and best wishes sent to me for my move to Chartwell Road. If any of you have a few minutes to spare when visiting Newport please feel free to call and have a chat. Best wishes to all.'



Bullet Many in Sherington will be saddened and concerned for Les and Eileen Milnes of Hillview, in their loss of their daughter, Anne. Anne was only 42 but had achieved a great deal in her short life. Our thiughts and sympathy are with the Milnes family at this miserably unhappy time.


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