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Little Bird

Gossip - May

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet The Edwin Lack Memorial Concert was an overwhelming success and we are grateful that Edwin was given such dedication from performers and audience alike. He could always play to a full house and there were many who say that they were sure that he was seen about the cloisters of St Lauds that night - if he wasn't in sight then he was in soul. Thank you everyone for an attendance that filled the choir stalls and the sanctuary to overflowing. A good night.

Bullet The last Thumbstick Walk never went according to plan at all. The weather had been so bad and the going so wet that all we could do was walk 'on the hard' so we enjoyed a shortened walk and home early for a change. We still haven't been over the new bridge but that will come during the summer. Next walk will be on Sunday, 10 May, 1998, at 7 am sharp. Repeat 7 am sharp. Please drive down as it could be Rowley Wood and district to see the bluebells. We do have to depend on the weather to get the best from Hartwell as you may know, so here's hoping for a fine spell. No dogs please.

Bullet Passing by the School last month we thought we'd just pop in and say hello. On leaving we noticed that the children had disappeared from the playground but in the corner was a linen canopy, not very high off the ground, just enough for two dozen children to get underneath - something like an apple pie crust but some 12/15 feet across the top. There was a hole in the centre and closer inspection revealed, not only 2 dozen children but Colin, the class teacher as well. Talk about four and twenty schoolkids baked in a pie!

Bullet To continue on the school topic, it is almost 20 years since the then Headmistress, Mrs Kathleen Russell, first muted the idea of a swimming pool for the children. From that came the pool as we know it today (at that time it cost £4000). Many dozens of children have learned to swim as a result of Mrs Russell's foresight and the pool has served Sherington well but, as with all things, time takes its toll and so, recently, the Education Authority was approached about the provision of a new liner and they have agreed to cover the cost of that and have it fitted so that will be good for the coming season. BUT the good people who run and look after the pool need assistance to help the kids to change and dress and dry themselves and all things attendant on any swimming class. We understand that Mrs Sue Herbert will again be providing her expert tuition and what better for a child than to learn to swim?! Tell you what, can you help?? If so, ring the School and have a word with Mrs Fleming or Mrs Feasey. They need you up there.

Bullet Hey, who was the music teacher who chose a song called 'The little green frog' to be sung by the Junior Choir at the welcoming party for the French visitors? Whoops.

Bullet The yellow digger of Messrs. Cook and Son at work in the play area confirmed worst fears when it discovered that heavy rootage had blocked part of the main drainage pipe that carries the mainstream across that part of the playground. It is always difficult to have land drainage and tree planting running close together but, no doubt, Peter Watts and his colleagues will employ their expertise to find a solution to the problem somehow.

Bullet One of our readers is a very good diarist and recently we were 'privy' to a glance through the pages, going back some 10 years or so to see what day in what year the first cuckoo call was heard, etc. Should the cuckoo be heard hereabouts on 19 April then that is very early and as we write (23/4/98) there has been no call yet although the first swallows were sighted in the lane on 20/4 and, in spite of the cold and the rain, the rape is ready to burst forth. Already we have reports of the foxes taking the wild duck eggs - there is strong evidence both from the broken shells and the evidence near the earth. And how about those magnolia, still in bloom and still they get 'burnt by the frost'.

Bullet Surely no one of our readers needs reminding of the annual May Day events that take place on The Knoll. This year will be no exception. There are all sorts of activities lined up and we look forward to seeing a very large swarm of people there at just after 10.30 on May Day morning. This programme needs your support if only to recognise the efforts put in by all the children and the staff at Sherington School. Please be there on the day. See you round the maypole.

Bullet The Myrtle Peach Auction will be held again this year on the Swan car park and Trevor, Eleanor and Trudy have given us the usual freedom to move the trailer, the chairs and lights and things in and that we intend to do on the evening of Saturday 25 July starting at 7 pm sharp of the clock. Watch out for more details in the June edition of SCAN magazine.

Bullet Did you, when you were a school leaver, finish school at Christmas, Easter or whenever? They can't anymore. We read recently that there is now only one day in the year when you can leave school and that is on the last Friday in June each year. (Scotland has its own arrangements). It seems hard luck on those who are of age after the first week in July. They have to do the 12 months over then??

Bullet Very good support for the 'Art Afternoon' at North Crawley. Most enjoyable. We agree with Beryl Vale who remarked on the interest shown by the teenagers so we hope they keep it up.

Bullet Some folk were bowled a 'googly' up at The White Hart recently. It seems that Mike Selvey and Nigel, the lanlord, share 24 April as their birth date and the rumour started that Ian Botham and Bob Willis would be buying a round or two. Methinks that Mike has been pulling legs again. There we sat, panting like puppies, but they were not to be seen.

Bullet What! No flag raised on The Knoll on St George's Day!?!

Bullet There was a good deal of argument as to how deep the floods were compared with other years. Let the voice of Mr and Mrs Douglas Smith in Water Lane be heaard. 'Too deep!' Suffering yet again from sewage effluent coming back up their manhole, blowing the lid off and charging across their patio, they suffered the indignity of other people's sewage in their lounge and their home to the depth of several inches. Needless to say, it will be many weeks before the smell of that little lot clears. Pretty good stuff! I wonder if the Chief Executive of Anglia Water had the same problem. I'm not a betting man but I'll give a case of champagne to a pinch of snuff that he didn't. Are there conditions for some and not for others, do you think??

Bullet There are occasions when the words of this column seem totally inadequate to convey one's feelings. This is one of those times but we send the sympathy of the whole village to the Dines family of Perry Lane in the passing of 39 years of their son and brother, Christopher, who died recently in the district of Fraserburgh, Scotland. A memorial Service will be held for Christopher in St Lauds, Sherington on Saturday 2 May.

Bullet When writng in last month's issue of Mrs Maud Atkins, we were not to know that her passing from this life was so close at hand. Enjoying a recent chat, Maud told me of the days when she worked for Messrs. Bassett-Lowke, the model makers in Northampton, and how, before the war, she hand painted the intricate detail on the scale model of the Queen Mary - you know, the models that they used to cover with a glass case thenadays. We shall miss Maud and so will many an animal. If anyone in this village loved animals it was she. Cruelty to her animal friends caused her to shed many a tear. Maud was in her 90th year. May she rest in peace.


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