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Little Bird

Gossip - March

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet The Thumbstick Walkers had a pleasant morning out Weston Underwood way last month when they took the opportunity offered by an invitation to enjoy the snowdrop carpet and the flight pond. Whilst walking the line we met two gentlemen who were walking towards Cambridge. Some stamina there eh?? The next walk is on Sunday 22 March, starting from The Knoll at 7.30am - repeat, The Knoll at 7.30. Please drive down as we shall be 'out of town'. No dogs please.

Bullet Each month we write about the weather - to some of our readers we perhaps over-do it - but if SCAN is to be regarded as a confirmed history book in the far-distant future then it is only right to record the freak 'mini-summer' February we have enjoyed. Why, only today, 26 February, did we have a note from our armchair critic telling us that the blackthorn is out already, there is plenty of green in the hedgerows everywhere and the birds have been paired up for weeks. 'Hope we don't have to pay for it later' is the cry but 'Everyday is one extra' say the others. We shall see.

Bullet Had word of our old friend, Mrs Edna White recently. We are assured that 'Ed' is keeping fine and that, for her age, is doing OK. We know that SCAN eventually gets out to her and so we send our good wishes and the love of many in Sherington.

Bullet This is the third year in succession that we have recorded a most serious straw-rick fire on the farmland of Messrs. J W Cook and Son. Each rick has been on the roadside (for reasons of easy transportation and minimum road surface litter). The cause of these incidents is not known to us but we do know that there is a good deal of work and effort and planning and finance between the planting of the seed and the loading of the bales and to see that effort destroyed wastefully overnight must call for some serious thinking indeed. Let's hope that Cooks are spared any further loss of this kind.

Bullet Have you walked down Gun Lane and had a look at that bit of hedge-laying that Lee Short has done? If you haven't, then treat yourselves, and if you can't walk then drive down to see a bit of old English craftsmanship that is fast fading from the rural scene. If you wonder where Lee gets it from then we can tell you that his grandparents lived in Water Lane when he was a boy at school and maybe that helps to explain his knowledge of the country. For the reader who rembers Hope Short, Lee's sister, then we can tell you that after some 30 years or more in the south of the county, she is now in a nursing home in Olney. She is in her 80s and quite cheerful in spite of having both legs amputated.

Bullet Has anyone heard or seen the beginning of the lawn-mowing season yet? We are told that there are some who have had to make a start so it seems that the closed season only lasts from November to February - only just enough time to sharpen the blade.

Bullet We watched the beacons ablaze on each and every hill on Thursday 27 February. Sherington made its contribution from the top of Far Side thus recognising the approach of the Countryside Rally to be held in London the following Sunday 1 March.

Bullet In recent weeks we had, as visitors to a village family, the couple who were introduced to each other on 'Blind Date' and who subsequently married - the only couple to do so we are told. We are also told that Cilla attended and wore a new 'at.

Bullet Moves are afoot to hold another 'Bygones' evening during the month of March but we are unable to give you a date here and now. Will you please look for the big noticeboards placed around the village and that will give you all information. 'Twill be a slide evening - you know the kind of thing - where you can have a good old natter about what's going on as the pictures come up on the screen. PLEASE look out for details and come along.

Bullet It is noticed that during March British Summer Time begins, thus we change the clock. As we have said before, they aren't half spinning the old Globe around at a tidy pace nowadays, or is it because some of you are getting old?

Bullet A representation attended Milton Keynes hospital recently following an invitation from the Myrtle Peach Trust to have a look at the equipment that was purchased with money handed over to the Trust by way of fund raising, etc. This cause has a particular part in the heart of most folk hereabout since Myrtle lived all her days here. Further information can be gained from Mrs Joy Osgood of Water Lane.

Bullet We have an Electric Powered Invalid Tricycle for sale. In fairly new condition the machine has done little work. Enquiries to 610984. This is a private sale with all proceeds going to Willen Hospice.

Bullet William Arthur Chapman With regret we record the passing of Bill Chapman of Church Road. With his passing goes another countryman who throughout his life lived methodically - a man who couldn't do anything but the right way. His garden was his hobby and what a picture that always was! Bill was a herdsman in his early days and in later years he worked with his brother-in-law, the late Albert West,, until finishing his working life with Rocla Pipes. We were talking recently of Bill's boyhood in Stoke Goldington; he told me that he and his brother, Ron, lived with their Gran when they were young and they were happy days. Coming to live here having married a Sherington girl, namely Margaret, Bill soon fitted in with the sporting world, playing a very good football game. He was also an excellent darts player. Bill died in Willen Hospice aged 80 years. This village can ill afford the loss of the likes of Bill Chapman and we send our deepest condolence to margaret and her two boys, Roger and Colin and, of course, their families. Bill Capman, R.I.P.


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