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Little Bird

Gossip - June

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet Following the note by our Rector that he would like to arrange a Rogation Service, such a service was held up at Grange Farm, Chicheley, the home of Ted and Mrs Duncombe and the farmstead of Messrs E Duncombe and Son. Some 20 or more made the company and a liveley and lovely service it was. Well done, ye people of SCAN Group and thank you all up at Grange Farm and you, John, for rallying the troops.

Bullet 'We are the Champions!' So sang the members of the winning team and all the company of The Swan when they travelled to Stoke Goldington to take part in the individual championships final of the local skittles league. Our mole tells us that Ray Saunders swept the board and all before him to take the honour of collecting the cup on behalf of The Swan. Good on yer! We are also told that not a drop of champagne was wasted. Is it right that aspirins were at a premium the next morning?

Bullet As we go to press we are told that Andrew Donnelly has reached the big Five O. His 50th birthday was on May23rd. Well done, the laughing postman and we wish you many more.

Bullet The Thumbstick Walkers had a nice treat last time by going to Rowley Wood in Hartwell. May we remind you that this is the wood planted by the Whatton family of which Archie is a member? It is, in essence, now a memorial as many of the Whatton family are no longer with us and Rowley has passed into the hands of our local coalman, K G Smith and Son, by whose permission we were there. Rich in rhododendrons, bluebells, milkmaid, granny night-caps, it really is a sight to behold. Couple that with the tree house! Oh, yes, you haven't seen one to beat this, with its electric power and water laid on! All up 25 steps in the oak trees - kitchen, bedroom, toilet, balcony, the lot. 'Twas good to be there on a lovely May morning.

Bullet Now let's talk about the Midsummer Morning walk. It coincides with the day, June 21st. So let's meet at 3.15 on the morning of June 21st and in order to keep the noise down and not cause a nuisance, let's collect at the Gas Compound. That's along the Newport Road from Manor Farm about 250 yards. You'll see A15PES there anyway. Repeat: 3.15 am. Please wear water-proof footwear, it is always so wet with the heavy dew and no dogs please.

Bullet The Millennium Committee met again last week and things are now taking shape. Also discussed was a plea from MKBC for one or two young members of our community to volunteer to represent Sherington on the organising committee of the Youth Millennium Celebrations in Milton Keynes. You should be aged between 15 and 22 years. Further information is obtainable from Mrs Teasdale (610661) or John Cook (610909).

Bullet News has reached us that young David Haynes who lives up there in Olney Road has just won another coveted award in his chosen sport of Karate. It furthers his progress towards Black Belt status and we wish him well in all he does.

Bullet For the record, our 'Birdsong Correspondent' tells us that, on May 9th, the first cuckoo call was heard hereabouts. That is, of course, unless you heard it before then.

Bullet A nice muntjak deer was spotted in Water Lane recently and we know of a covey of ducklings being led to water in another part of the village and so, 'Summer suns are glowing, over land and sea'.

Bullet A visitor to this village, researching his ancestry, was asked, 'Are you conversant with 'The Fiefs and Fields of a Buckinghamshire Village' by A C Chibnall?' 'Yes' he replied, 'I own a copy.' 'Funny' thought the questioner and asked 'From whence did you acquire your copy?'. The visitor replied that he had known of such a publication but that the books were out of print and much sought after. Later he was in Hay-on-Wye in that 'biggest bookshop in the world' or whatever may be the claim and he spotted a Chibnall on offer for £10, it being surplus to the requirements of a library in Kent. It goes to show that old adage 'Seek and ye shall find' pays off betimes.

Bullet On July 3rd, The White Hart will be holding a private party to celebrate Lucy's birthday. The whole event will be kept strictly under control but the noise level may be somewhat higher than usual and the proprietors ask for the understanding of near neighbours on this occasion.

Bullet The bard wrote 'And if awhile I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end.' Such was the true value of friendship at the memorial service for Christopher Dines when the church was thereabouts full in spite of other events. During the service we heard readings from both of Christopher's brothers and from a younger memer of the family. In spite of the sadness of the occasion, Mr and Mrs Dines would be justified in being proud of the dignity and the support offered by their own in their mourning for Christopher. Christopher Dines, Rest in Peace.

Bullet We, in Sherington, have been fortunate in that we have had an Officer and a Gentleman living among us, and as one of us, for the last 35 years. His name was Major Burgess and he died two weeks ago. The Major was a very private man but he lacked nothing in the interest of village affairs. Those of you who remember him delivering his statements to the visiting bureaucrat or putting across his study of a particular point at a Parish Council meeting can feast on those memories for a long time. This writer, as a past Parish Council Chairman, will recall his advice 'You've got to keep at them!' To have been an officer commanding his Majesty's forces in wartime, you had to duck at nothing and you had to lead from the front - to do this and be a gentleman and be recognised as such is rare indeed. The Major carried these characteristics with distinction. He died in his 84th year. We send our condolences to Mrs Margaret Burgess and to Honour and Faith and their families. Major Burgess, R.I.P.


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