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Little Bird

Gossip - July/August

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet Mother duck and her convoy were seen recently beside the Manor wall trying somehow to gain access to the moat, presumably to find water and some cover.

Bullet We go over to North Crawley for the next item. Tom was on the 'phone about the cuckoo call as was another from 'Dodge'. Tom says he can lay abed and hear the cuckoo before the break of day, and all in the month of April and A N Other wrote the most amusing prose. By now we are used to Tom ringing in before we've got our teeth in and screwed our wooden leg on but the prose writer was something new. It was good to hear from you both - thank you.

Bullet May we remind you of all of the approaching annual 'Myrtle Peach Trust Auction' to be held in the Swan Car Park starting at 7pm on 25 July 1998. The trailer will be in the car park from 4pm and there will be somebody there to receive your offerings that we know you will bring and we hope you will buy back again. It's quite simple isn't it? Derek Ferris has agreed to be our Auctioneer so we hope to see you come sunshine, rain, hell or high water.

Bullet The Thumbstick Club will meet on the 19 July on The Knoll and will leave at 7am sharp. Please drive down because we will be out of town for this one. The same afternoon we will be holding a nature walk for younger members of the village. This is by request and the plan is to meet in the middle of The Knoll out of the way of the traffic. We shall go over the fields and the whole programme will take about 2 hours. We will meet at 2.30 on The Knoll and finish back there about 4.30pm. There will be a car on hand most or all of the way and please see that the kids wear suitable footwear. Yes, Wellingtons are ideal.

Bullet We learn of the imminent departure of our former Parish Council Chairman, Barry Hollis, who with his wife Jane, is seeking new pastures in the Pickering, Yorkshire. They have both served the village well, Village postman, Parish Councillor, Twinning Committee and Church Choristors both. We wish them well in their new environment and may good health go with them all their days.

Bullet Talking last week of the old Farmer who, when asked if he went to church, replies 'Oh aah, I goes every Harvest Festival, well not all of 'em like, I missed some, but I go to most of 'em.'

Bullet Watch out anyone in the Shetland Isles during the next few days and you may see the familiar sight of Jeremy and Madge Hine in the Bentley. It's been up to Scotland with Philip and Robin at the helm and their parents won't be outdone so they are taking the Bentley to see for themselves how the old car performs. Not bad - twice to the north of Scotland in a month and made in 1925 and you must not have the hood up. You have to have strong phlegm to motor with the Hine family.

Bullet Does the bloke who drives that fighter/bomber aircraft so low over the SCAN country know how frightening he is to young children and the elderly. Blimey he cut the top course of bricks off our chimney last week and was gone like a lizard. When taking the matter up with our former MP, Peter Butler, we were told it is the price of freedom, so there you are.

Bullet It is about now that the 'Best Kept Village Contest' comes into play and it is a very good scheme too. Is there an alternative contest for the untidiest hill? If there is then Chicheley Hill will take first prize and what about that pot hole, you know the hole that someone quite sensibly placed a five gallon drum over or in it. Bob Dylan is quite right 'The times they are a changing'.

Bullet We recently learnt of the passing of Mrs Elsie Lloyd, formerly Elsie Line, daughter of the late 'Shanny' Line and one time organist at St Laud's Church. How well we remember her playing the organ in our early days as choristors. She regularly laid a sixpence on the corner of the organ stool before the offertory hymn and old long 'un would place it in the bag with such envy. A tanner was a good 'latch lifter' in the White 'un in those times. Mrs Lloyd's ashes are to be brought back here during July and our Rector will give you any further information.

Bullet We acknowledge a donation of £10 to SCAN from a reader who shall remain adamantly anonymous.

Bullet From the obituaries in the Telegraph recently we saw the notice of the passing of Mrs Olga Mann, wife of the late Paul Mann, at Willen, and one time of this village.

Bullet Amongst the visitors from abroad we welcomed Peter and Julie Swales, Peter being the son of Harry and Ruth Swales who long ago settled in Melbourne, Australia from Willen Road in Newport Pagnell. Both of Peter's parents have died but he says the old place still seemed to call him from across the sea. Ruth Swales was one of the 8 Nursaw sisters of School Lane. Also in the parish was Robert Moore, son of the late Victor Moore, one time of Church Road. Vic was the son of Mr Arnold Moore. They all finally settled in New Zealand from whence Robert had made his pilgimage and so our visitors had a long haul, but it was good to see them.

Bullet It is our intention to publish the Meantime during July and should anyone have details of forthcoming events, then please let us know by ringing 610984.

Bullet Kelvin Locke, junior, having been selected to play for Bucks in the Minor Counties, is included in the side due to play Surrey at the Oval on 24 June.

Bullet We have reports of several sightings of grass snakes this time. Is there any particular reason for this or is it just a freak of a wet summer or what?



Bullet When some 20 years ago we were going through a village tree planting season, we were not to know that 3 trees in particular would be of some significance. The 3 trees are those that stand on Manor Bends near the Sherington sign. Beech, Walnut and Hornbeam. When they were planted Mr Bill Inns gave them his approval and also a promise that he would 'see that they did well' and so they did. Some of us treated them as a kind of memorial because just across the road at that time were three more characters of significance, being Mr Cook, Snr, Mr Inns and Mick Hockenhull and they like the trees were strong and upright, had good roots and could face all weathers and above all do good for the countryside. Those three men spent all their days caring for living things and this week we as a village attended the funeral of the last of the three, Mick Hockenhull, who at the age of 94 and 5 days was the oldest villager.

Bullet Mick Hockenhull - He was a Shropshire lad and came to Mercers Farm in the 30's to work for Mr Jack Cook. At the time he had never seen Sherington and as we understand it neither had his wife, until they actually arrived with their furniture on one of Mr Charlie Haynes, Snr, tipper lorries. Mick continued working with Messrs J W Cook and Sons until he was 92 years old. It was said that his counsel was sought by many of his peers for all those years as a stockman and herdsman. In the community he was equally helpful and was for many years a sidesman at St Lauds. There are not many men who carried their milkcan every day to the farmer's door and drank straight from the dairy, a notable feature of Mick's daily routine. He was also the last of the Sherington Fire Brigade members, but that is another story to be told at a later date. He was truly an outstanding man and we are thankful and grateful to have known and lived with him. We offer our sympathy to Betty, Mary and Jill and all their families. Mick Hockenhull R I P.


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