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Little Bird

Gossip - January

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet There are various events that should be recorded in these notes because of their outstanding merit and the dedication that was put into them. We start with Sherington School's Nativity play. There were two performances in the church. Splendidly produced and performed, the whole company are to be commended. We move on to the Workshop and all the excitement of that. Couldn't the children build the proposed extension and have done with it??!! Lovely stuff. The carol singing and our own Father Christmas, a homely reception from all the village, finished off with the mince pies and all. Mix that with the floodlighting of St Lauds and you would go far to find a community who had things better. Thank you all for your gestures and work.

Bullet Then we had the Boxing Day walk in which over 40 people took part. It was a good event and the main interest was the new bridge over the Great Ouse. Thank you to all the land owners for allowing us to walk where we liked and all we ask is that those who took part heed the fact that we were only able to do it that way because permission was sought and given. There is no public right to walk that route. Thank you all and thank you, Snowy, for looking after the safety aspect (and for 'The Bells' at the finish).

Bullet Next Thumbstick, Sunday 18 January starting from The Knoll at 7.30am. Please drive down. Don't forget the New Year's Resolution to start on time!

Bullet Did you ever hear wind and rain like it?! Some of us feared for the safety of the church and that takes some shifting. We've suffered force 10 over the years but that must have been force 20. 'Twas a blustery old Christmas time and no mistake. Still, the christmas tree on The Knoll held fast. The tree this year came from faraway Astwood and was given by Mr and Mrs Hubert Hodgkins and we are most grateful to them for their gift and for furthering the bringing together of the SCAN group of villages.

Bullet For your interest, the Little Bird took £289.90 selling Willen Hospice cards from the suitcase and took £50 at the Christmas Bazaar. Thank you all for your kindness.

Bullet We send good tidings and best wishes to former landlady of The Swan, Pip Norton who remarried on 29 December and is now Mrs Ray Smith. Good luck to you both.

Bullet When Alan and Pam and family took over at the Shop, they appointed Ian Tofts to deliver the papers in Water Lane and this he has done with every care. Ian has kept good time, been courteous and responsible. The Lane has always been first with the News, but now, owing to pressure of work, he has had to relinquish his job as paper boy and Alan and Pam are desperate to find a replacement. See 'Latest News' page.

Bullet We received greetings from: - George Clark, California, USA, former village blacksmith's son; Violet Chibnall, South Australia, relative of the Chibnall book family; Jerome (son of Garth and Girda) and Jose Cockings, now in Brisbane, Australia; Nick, Birgitta and Stefan Leach, South Africa; Kathleen (former Headmistress) and Redmand Russell, now in Ottery St Mary, and, of course, from our former rectors and editor, Revd. and Mrs Corfield and Revd. and Mrs Haynes and many others.

Bullet Since the proposition to plant 2000 trees was made, we are able to say that Peter Gardner has planted 450 new trees, a fine assortment of English woodland varieties in big field, and that David and Lucy Pease of Church Farm have planted 200 fine conifers and English woodland trees in Home Close. All of these may be included in the scheme that Sherington shall benefit by the planting of 2000 trees within the parish by the year 2000. This is a fine start and thank you.

Bullet Jim Key was very pleased with the result of the Youth Club raffle and assures us that the extra finance will strengthen their cause and be of great benefit to the Youth Club.

Bullet Quite an emergency during December down near the turnpike at Sherington Bridge Farm. As an eye witness to the scene, we can report that a cygnet had found its way onto the road junction and had caused a traffic danger. We pulled up and applied the traffic warning lights just as our local community police arrived and so we willingly passed on the pedestrian swan and pointed them in the direction of the Great Ouse. What caused the young swan to be there at all is not known unless Russell was distributing mince pies and Christmas pudding a little earlier than usual.

Bullet Garden flowers are a hardy ole lot betimes, aren't they? Please don't regard this writer as an expert but it is noticed that the primroses under the lee of the stone wall on the south side have given a lovely show all through the cold spell and, supported by a background of rock cactus, there is still a bit of growth about. Anyway, as we go into the new year, the aconites and snowdrops will soon begin to show on Margaret's bank.

Bullet Further to the Christmas good wishes from Jerome and Jose Cockings, they called in at Head Office today, New Year's Eve, en route to Olney, Singapore and Brisbane, Australia, and their good wishes still hold good.

Bullet We hear that one or two of our elderly ladies in the village are not enjoying the best of health just now and we also hear that their neighbours are very kind to them in their adversity. Thank you, those good neighbours, and our best wishes go to those who are in hospital or who are invalid for health reasons wherever.

Bullet Our village plumber, John Arnold, made a statement amongst his friends on Boxing Day to the effect that he could do with a haircut. Before you could say 'burst pipes', heavy bets were laid as to who should shear him. Tracey Moffat won the privilege and now shorn, convict-looking John has surpassed £280 in donations to be given to Willen Hospice. Well Done!

Bullet Most of our readers will have known Edwin Lack, lately School Teacher, Musical Director, Church Organist and Mr Music generally. Probably one of the most talented and brilliant musicians hereabouts, he certainly held that reputation among his peers and colleagues and we reckoned ourselves fortunate to have him about in both the deanery and the diocese. That he should pass from us so suddenly, due to a heart attack at the somewhat early age of 63 years, is a cause of great sorrow. It must be a truly blessed skill to play any musical instrument and to share it with so many people who are unable to interpret music so easily or to give of it so freely. Quite recently Ed and I were riding in my car and I spoke to him of his love and ever-loving care of his 93 year old mother. He didn't think it in any way outstanding but what he did think outstanding was that his Mother, in earlier years, should promise him a musical education and that she should work so hard physically to help provide him with the necessary finance to go on to Leeds University to gain his degree. Now that, to Ed Lack, was love and ever-loving care and he said that he would not, in his lifetime, ever be other than the grateful son of a wonderful Mother. More than anything else he stood by that. Because of our respective roles in the Newport Pagnell Singers, we saw a great deal of each other away from the crowd and I can only hope that, up there somewhere, that infuriating 'doesn't he make you want to spit?' maddening, lovable character is sitting at a keyboard bringing folk together in harmony in heaven just as he always did on earth.

Bullet Edwin Lack, Rest in Peace

Bullet P.S. Have just learned of the passing of Ed's Mum just three weeks after him. I merely quote a joint friend, 'They were never meant to be apart, were they?'


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