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Little Bird

Gossip - February

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet When it comes to January Sales, it is not only John Lewis who can offer you a goodish bargain, nor is it only Marks and Spencer who can offer you every courtesy over the counter. Last month saw a Garage Sale that would have done any multiple store great credit. It took place in Carters Close, organised by Louise Wain, Emma Brown, Michael Smith and Richard Field and the purpose was to raise money for the RSPCA. It was a Saturday morning event and seemed to be well supported. We say 'Well done!' to that quartet and it's good to know that kindness and consideration to our animal friends is still demonstrated, especially by the young.

Bullet Now, what is it about our village that should call Anglia Television to our midst on two successive Wednesday nights? The first call was to interview the family and friends of Keeley Flanders who lives in Church Road and who, as reported in last month's issue of SCAN, played the part of the young Hilary du Pre in the film of the life of the cellist, Jacqueline du Pre. On the second occasion they came to our village school to talk about our link-up with other schools through computers. There this writer must stop because he understands no more of it. In any event the old place was on show to the rest of Anglia so get ready for a new bout of property speculation by the entrepeneurs.

Bullet When will it stop raining? Not yet we fear. We have yet to go through the month of 'February Fill Dyke' and, in addition to that, we are only just celebrating Candlemas. Remember 'Candlemas Day, Candlemas Day, Half your straw and half your hay' which means that you should have in reserve half of your winter forage and litter to carry you through the rest of the winter. This not only applies to farmers but to gardeners, too. You should have half a rope of onions and half a clamp of taters left to tide you over. So, be sparing.

Bullet Should you read last year's February SCAN, you will see that we refer to the early show of aconites and snowdrops in the churchyard and on Margaret's bank. This year it is just the same. We never tire of this lovely and welcome sight, heralding as it does the new life of spring.

Bullet A man in the village had, by way of a birthday present, a ticket for the Johann Strauss evening at the Derngate, Northampton. The attendant took him along to his box and bid him a pleasant evening and the man noticed that it was none other than Mr Michael Lennard, formerly of Olney Road and now living in Northampton. Michael and his wife have been married for seven years and do voluntary work in Northampton. Needless to say, they together ran over past years and Michael was assured that his best wishes to all his old friends here in Sherington would be carried through these pages. So, there you are. 'Twas a very pleasant addition to a lovely evening.

Bullet We hear that Barry Tofts is back home after a lengthy and harrowing stay in hospital. Having undergone a serious operation he is now on the mend and Nina tells us that they are looking forward to his rehabilitation, particularly as Barry is now a non-smoker. Our best wishes to them all.

Bullet Sherington will, yet again, make the local press in the form of 'The Messenger' for the month of February. Our celebrity on this occasion will be our Parish Council Chairman, Derek Ferris Esq. Covering a full-page spread he will be answering questions relating to his 24 years on the parish council. Derek has announced that he will be not seeking re-election this May and he will hang up his 'Parish Council case' but will be on call as a 'back bencher'.

Bullet Are you a 'Footpath Carparker'? Do you park your motor on the pavement and make the Mother with her push-chair and following young kiddies walk round and out on to the road? If so, you should have second thoughts. It isn't on. Park your vehicle at the kerbside, not on the footpath which was constructed for the pedestrian, not the motor vehicle.

Bullet As Old Fat'un oft times said 'The sun always shines on Pancake Day. Why I've seen it 'undreds of times'.

Bullet The passing of Mrs Con Borton of Hillview brings to a close a friendship that has lasted from the dark days of the last war, when, into this village came the London Transport buses carrying young evacuee passengers with their guardians and, in some cases, their parents who were brought out of London to the comparative safety of country villages such as ours. Most of our evacuees came from Willesden and Harlesden with a few from West Ham. (One such boy is well remembered - Geoffery Pass, Willesden, NW10 - he came to live with my family. Poor chap!) Mr and Mrs Borton had agreed to have one evacuee but on the day of allocation and arrival the late Mr Fred Field, farmer of Church Farm, acting in his role of Special Constable, was helping out with the placing of the children and took not one but two to the Bortons. Arthur Borton was out in the garden and upon sight of the two said 'Only one, Fred'. But Mr Field didn't want to see the two separated because they were brother and sister, namely Rita and Harry Groom. 'Don't separate a pair, Arthur' said Mr Field. 'Take the two'. So Arthur and his wife agreed and took the brother and sister in. Rita stayed throughout the war with the Bortons and although tragedy was to overtake Harry, who met with his death in a traffic accident at the tender age of sixteen years, Rita continued her friendship. She courted and married Fred Hammond and they currently live in Upminster in Essex but, over the years, has kept in touch with the Bortons, speaking regularly by telephone, visiting, celebrating birthdays and Christmases together, etc. Talking to Rita at the funeral of Mrs Borton we were told that she wishes to keep up her friendship with the Village - a friendship that started in the early years of the forties when the childless Mr and Mrs Borton were blessed with an unknown evacuee named Rita Groom.


Bullet We record the death of Mrs Con Borton of Hillview, at the age of 86 years. Mrs Borton was a native of Leighton Buzzard and came to live in Sherington some 60 years ago. Living most of her years up Church End, she was always a good supporter of village affairs. In the closing months of her life she lived in a nursing home in Stony Stratford and was professionally cared for. Her friends and relatives wish it to be known that they are most grateful to the staff and to Mrs Borton's many friends for the help and consideration she received during the years of her infirmity. Mrs Connie Borton, RIP.

Bullet Last month saw the passing of Mrs Mildred Waugh who lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Dick Law of Water Lane and, in the closing days of her life in Westlands Nursing Home, Olney. Millie Waugh lived most of her days in Marylebone, London, in the shadow of the Post Office Tower. A born town-dweller, she was also a devout church member and never neglected her faith. A happy personality, she went quietly about her quarters and was a staunch supporter of SCAN magazine. She was in her 80s. Mildred Waugh, RIP.

Bullet We also record the death of Ernie Walton, husband of Phyllis Loxley-Walton. Ernie was a man of the construction industry and was in charge of many large building and construction projects in the district. For many years employed by William Old of Harrow, he was recognised by the management of that company as one of their key men. The War saw him join the Royal Marines where he saw service with a fine record. Ernie was aged 82 years. Ernie Walton, RIP.


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