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Little Bird

Gossip - December

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet Yet again the generosity of the village people prevails - Mr and Mrs Mike Wing of Crofts End have donated the Christmas tree that will go up on The Knoll this year. It's very much a tradition, the Christmas tree on The Knoll and, for some years now, it has been donated. Thank you, Mike and Celia.

Bullet The Boxing Day walk will be held as usual and so will you please assemble on The Knoll at 9.30am sharp. Please wear sensible waterproof footwear and bring the children if you will. We are hoping that Snowy will be available again to drive the rescue car should a thing be needed. We should be back in time for the opening of both The Swan and The White 'un. Please turn up in great numbers but no dogs please.

Bullet Sorry about the postponement of the Bygones evening but things got a little beyond our control. As a result it will be the New Year before it can be laid on. Watch this space.

Bullet We are reminded that The White Hart has just had its first birthday since its revival. Yes, we know - you're all saying 'That's gone quick!'.

Bullet The Parish Councillors had their best foot forward last week when they went bulb planting again. They do a good job don't they? It all looks so fresh and clean in the spring when the bulbs finally break into bloom. What say we double what they get now for the new year?

Bullet Haven't spoken to the organisers yet about the village carol singers, but, no doubt they will be about so watch out for notices in the village during the lead up to Christmas. And when they come around, go out and listen to them and give them a round of applause or a glass of Scotch or some other form of encouragement. And thank you.

Bullet Archie Whatton is about again now fully equipped with a new hip and ready to run a mile. Take it steady, me boy and you could play for Sherington yet.

Bullet Last week Derek and Mrs Ferris and two others from the village went down to Ashford in Kent to see Christian Ferris in his passing-out parade as Police Constable Ferris, Surrey Police Force. Very smart he looked too. good luck in your new career, Christian.

Bullet We hear of a somewhat humane story - an incident of recent days when a young man from this village was driving home in the late hours of the night and accidentally ran into a badger. He was aware of some injury to the wretched animal and was so concerned that, in spite of the late hour, he rang a local vet who showed just as much concern in the matter. They both returned to the scene and together followed a blood trail which gave them a lead as to the location of the wounded but obviously mobile victim. We are assured of a happy ending to this story and doesn't it do your heart good to know that a young twenty year old blade can put himself out to such a degree and care for one of our four-legged friends with such compassion. Well done that young man.

Bullet Work continues on the Village Hall car park and clearly there is now a good deal more parking space. When everyone gets used to the idea it is expected that a pattern of parking will develop whereby full use of the space available will be made. It looks a bit messy at the moment but all will be well come drier times. In the meantime, don't shoot the pianist - he's only doing his best.

Bullet Remember the story of Jackie and Mike Inskipp finding a bottle in the wall of their home, namely the Old Chapel on The Knoll? We hear of yet another find behind a wall, this time in Crofts End, in what was once the old policeman's house. Mr and Mrs Leslie found a piece of board which said in fine period writing, that Charles Line was the name of one of the workmen employed on the building in the year 1880. The house in question was retained under an agreement with the owner, Mr 'Ikey' Slayter, by Bucks County Police and certainly 'Long Bob Barnett' lived there, as did P.C. Stevens (the late Margery Steven's father) as did, of course, P.C. Walter Knibbs in our time. We were fortunate in acquiring the daily report book of P.C. Barnett some years ago and what a fine record and remarkably good handwriting it contained. When the local police at Newport Pagnell formed their museum in more recent years we thought it best to pass the report book on to them but, should anyone wish to see it the Curator of the Police Museum will be pleased to oblige by appointment. Apply at the Police Station.

Bullet We see that an engine and gearbox have now been placed on the top of Chicheley Hill. That's encouraging! At least it can't blow about as does some of the offal that is tipped there. Here's hoping things are better in the coming year.

Bullet The Salvation Army 'Give a Tin' day proved to be most successful yet again. It's quite an experience sitting in the confines of a caravan watching it all happen and having folk call and enjoying a chinwag (and gathering notes at the same time for little bird). Yes, The Knoll is certainly the place to be on a Saturday morning. Later in the day we delivered it all to Conniburrow, M.K. and were met by the usual happy faces associated with such people. Some 3 to 400 tins filled the motor and certainly £53 in cash helped them on their way. It's a lovely thing to do and thank you all.

Bullet Every year the cry goes up, 'Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat.' Well, we are not asking a penny but we are asking for information as to anyone who will be lonely or on their own this season of goodwill. Would you like to be with company on Christmas Day? Is there anyone out there? Let me know here at SCAN head office if there is and we'll deal with it.

Bullet A personal note from little bird: Some two hours after attending the funeral of our most valued friend, Bob Fountaine, I was taken ill while resting in my armchair after lunch. The doctor was called and following an emergency trip to Milton Keynes Hospital, I was detained for the next two days. The cause of the upset has yet to be established, albeit many have reached their own conclusions. Thank you all for so many messages, gifts, cards, phone calls and I could go on. For many years I have watched from the touch line the pleasures and the trials of the lives of others then, all at once, BANG! and it's your turn. Out of this experience comes an undeniable fact - that I could not have wished for better support for myself and family and I have to thank you all again for that.



Bullet We record the death of Mrs Vera Moore of Olney Road at the age of 81 years. She had lived in Sherington and in the same house for 59 years. Mrs Moore was a native of Bedford and moved here when she and Ted Moore married. Ted was a village lad and the only one from Sherington School to gain Naval Officer Status upon conscription during the war. Mrs Moore was well known as an outspoken character and many a villager found her outbursts quite amusing. But, like all her ilk, she was a Mother without compare and was a most helpful neighbour. Mrs Gladys Borton and Mrs Moore were together a part of Sherington to be seen walking to the shop each day - a practice they continued for many years. We send our sympathy to Eric and Brian, her two sons, and to their respective families. Mrs Vera Moore, R.I.P.


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