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Little Bird

Gossip - April

Courtesy of SCAN magazine

A little bird tells me that......

Bullet One could easily have been forgiven for assuming that the President of the United States had arrived in Water Lane recently, because a very large left-hand-drive 'Yankee' limousine was seen slowly cruising down the lower reaches. In the event it was a very good friend of all in North Bucks, namely Bob Wesley, still keeping up the image and still with us very much of a spring in his step albeit he had his 80th birthday some 10 years ago. 'Twas good to see Bob and he brought us happy memories of when we used to travel the Wesley Way.

Bullet The Thumbstick Walkers went to Little Linford, Stanton Low church ruins and Black Horse bridge, thus to Spinney Walk through to the brigde just below the Travel Lodge to bring us back to Lt. Linford. Next walk will be on Easter Monday morning leaving The Knoll at the adjusted time of 8am. We are expecting a good turn out for this one and Messrs J W Cook and Son have given us full permission to go over the new bridge on the day so come along and enjoy what's on offer. That's on Easter Monday morning, leaving the Knoll at 8am. No dogs please.

Bullet On Saturday, 21 March there came from the tower of St Lauds the sound of cheerful bells undulating upon the listening ear. The ringers came from the Chelmsford District of Essex and had rung in a number of towers in the North Bucks quarter. Much enjoying their day, it was late afternoon as they went on to Chicheley and those bells were also to be heard to advantage before the visitors made their way home to the Eastern Counties.

Bullet It must be placed on record that the highlight in the career of any ordinary chorister is to be given the chance to sing in the Chapel of Kings College, Cambridge. This very great privilege was afforded to members of SCAN choir on 2 March when 14 members travelled to join some 450/500 others in singing John Stainer's 'Cricifixion' under the musical baton and direction of Stephen Cleobury, the resident Master of Music. It was an unforgettable experience and, if we couple that with the privilege of singing in St George's Chapel Windsor, then there is a good deal to be said for being a member of your local church choir and particularly if they belong to The Royal School Of Church Music as SCAN Choir does.

Bullet It pays to advertise in SCAN; the wheelchair we wrote of in the last issue of SCAN was sold, signed and sealed within a week and the money paid into Willen Hospice. Thank you very much.

Bullet In recent days Mike and Jackie Inskipp decided to make a small structural alteration to their home which was formerly the old Methodist Chapel. Mike was knocking out some brickwork when he noticed some glass and further investigation revealed an Oldhams beer bottle with a label affixed (a very rare thing indeed) and a list of the workers who built the schoolroom, written in a lovely hand and with a clear direction. The whole document is most interesting. We are eagerly awaiting the cry of 'Look at all these gold sovereigns!' but we haven't heard it yet.

Bullet Our old friend, Tom Bradshaw, keeps up with his hawk-eyed vigilance of these columns and advises us not to be confused between the blossom of the thorn and that of the wild plum. We can tell you this, but we wouldn't want it repeated, that Tom and Ted Adkins are very much at variance on this point. 'Let the old cat lick its ear!'

Bullet It seems but yesterday when the David Hyde family of Carters Close were attending St Lauds with Katie and Georgie in the choir. Ah, time flies, and although David and Barbara are still absolute regulars, the girls are now away in various parts of the world. Georgie, we learn, is working in close liaison with the Whitbread Round-the-World Yacht Race. She is the Press Officer for the Swedish-owned boatd named E F Language and E F Education, the latter having an all-girl crew. Georgie flew off from London yesterday (25/3/98) en route to Fort Lauderdale and other places leading up to the finish of the event in six weeks time when we shall see how well they have been placed. Georgie had 'a whale of a time' in Rio de Janeiro having flown over that city in a helicopter and all that goes with such excursions. In a somewhat quieter tone the last time we saw Katie was at the Pate, Punch and Promises Auction last week. She tells us that all is well and that she lives in London at the moment. There we are!

Bullet Talking of London, there were several villagers to be seen on 'The Countryman's March' from the Embankment to Hyde Park on 1 March. A far cry from our Thumbstick Walks (or Thumbscrews as some wag will have it).

Bullet In recent days the local council authority, whatever their title may be, has provided the vehicle travellers of Water Lane with a turning bay at the very bottom of the Lane, thus enabling calling traffic to turn without encroaching on private property, a practice that was unavoidable hitherto. A most welcome innovation, this, brought about by sensible discussion and equally sensible action.

Bullet That is more than can be said about the return of those hideous pallets and barrels on the top of Chicheley Hill. Is there really no way of stopping that practice?? If not I know of someone who will gladly send two or three lorry loads of builders rubble and old paint tins to go with it.

Bullet We acknowledge a donation from a family recently bereaved and thank you.

Bullet Recently, having a chat with Mrs Maud Atkins in Ward 12 of Willen Hospice, she told us of having written part of her life story. It seems that she was bedridden and unable to get about so what better than to write your autobiography? Talk about an interesting life! My word! We should add that Maud sends her best wishes to you all and her thanks for all your messages and enquiries.


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