Sherington Millennium
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  • The proposed events and projects are based on the following theme:
      • The Past
      • The Present
      • The Future

  Projects, Events and Leaders
  • The following events and projects are proposed:
Theme Project/Event Proposed Completion DateLeader
The Past 'In Living Memory' on CD ROM End 1999 John Parry
- Son et Lumiere Spring 2000 Jill Burgess
The Present Village Tapestry End 1999 Enid Pepper
- Commemorative Book of Village End 1999 Phil Smith
- New Year Celebration 1 Jan 2000 Mark Stein
The Future School Project End 2000 TBD
- Tree Planting End 2000 John Cook
- Record of Millennium Events End 2000 Peter Gardner
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  Help Required
  • All of the project leaders will need help in many ways and it is felt that everyone in Sherington can help to make the Millennium a truly enjoyable and memorable event.
  • Examples of assistance are:
Project/Event Help NeededContact
'In Living Memory' on CD ROM Interviewer; Editors;
Collecting, recording and
returning photos/films etc
John Parry, Tel: 611366
Son et Lumiere Script writers; Sound specialists;
Lighting specialist; Costume makers;
Scenery designers/painters;
History researchers
Jill Burgess, Tel: 611163
David Byrne, Tel: 611508
Village Tapestry Knowledge of similar project;
Tapestry 'sewing'
Enid Pepper, Tel: 616380
Commemorative Book of Village Page Format; Photographers;
Book construction
Phil Smith, Tel: 610984
New Year Celebration More ideas! Mark Stein, Tel: 618966
Record of Millennium Events Narrators; Scriptwriters Peter Gardner, Tel: 610333
  • Any help will be welcomed and is not restricted to the specific areas listed above.
  • If you feel enthusiastic about Sherington celebrating the Millennium, please volunteer your help to the project leaders or contact John Cook (Tel: 610909).
  New Year's Eve 1999
  • Why go elsewhere? Planning is underway for a Village Millennium Celebration at the village Hall and Play Area on 31 December 1999.
  • This will be a family event and given the cost and difficulty in obtaining outside services, it will be organised, resourced and provided by and for the residents of Sherington and their families and friends. The organising committee would like to hear from village organisations and individuals who can help, particularly with:
    • Providing hot food
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Entertaining
    • Organising children's entertainment
    • Providing tents etc
  • Please contact:
    • Mark Stein (Tel: 618966)
    • Jim Key (Tel: 613211)
    • John Cook (Tel: 610909)
    • Bess Williams (Tel: 611946)
    • David Byrne (Tel: 611508)
    • Don Moffatt (Tel: 618228)
  Sherington Millennium Committee
  • The committee has been set up to coordinate the various activities being held to mark the millennium.
  • The Committee members include:
    • Tony Pilcher (Tel: 211000)
    • John Cook (Tel: 610909)
    • David Byrne (Tel: 618195/611508)
    • Phil Smith (Tel: 610984)
    • Mark Stein (Tel: 618966)

  Latest update:   26 July 2002
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