Flightpath Changes
  • As you have probably noticed, Sherington lies under the flightpath of many aircraft, particularly those flying north from airports in the London area. Changes to some of these flightpaths are being proposed. The following email to Sherington Parish Council tells you how to obtain further information and, if you wish, submit comments. The consultation process ends on 22nd May 2008.

From: BALC Mailbox []
Sent: 05 March 2008 13:52
Subject: Flightpath review in the southeast

From Cllr Rachel Webb
Stewkley PC, and BALC's rep on the London Luton Airport Consultative Committee
Please contact / 01525 240950
or write to Blackberry Barn, 4 Lidcote, Dunton, Bucks MK18 3RY

Dear Parish Council
You may have seen on the news that National Air Traffic Services (NATS) is revising flight paths and airspace in the south east of England. The rationale is to accommodate forecast increases in air traffic and to reduce the number of people overflown. This consultation is separate from the Heathrow consultation, and flight paths may have to be reviewed again depending on the outcome at that airport.

In order to reduce the number of people overflown, some flight paths are being rerouted away from built-up areas and over villages, despite the fact that NATS, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Government have all admitted unequivocally that people in quieter areas find aircraft noise more intrusive. However, some urban communities will not be spared.

If you would like to see how your area will be affected, please visit and key in your post code. From here you can link to additional information.

You can respond to the consultation direct, as can any person or group in your community. Please adapt this e-mail for your community newsletters if it helps. Responses to NATS are acceptable by the on-line form: or write to: TCN Consultation, NATS, Freepost NAT22750, Reading, RG1 4BR. In addition, I will gladly incorporate as many of your concerns and comments as I can in BALC's response, even if communities have different opinions. Please note that in BALC’s response I cannot favour one community over the other, no matter how unfair the proposals might seem, but I will look at NATS' general strategy and how they intend to implement it. Please e-mail me at or write to me as above at Blackberry Barn. The consultation closes on 22nd May 2008 but of course I will need to draft BALC's response well before that.

If you have any questions, please contact me, but I may not respond by return if I'm inundated! If your residents have any technical questions about airspace management I will also attempt to answer them.

With best wishes

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