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  • These Notes and News were compiled by Cllr Bill Lewis and first appeared in SCAN magazine.
  Notes And News - April 2003
  • Annual Meeting - 6 May. The result of the Parish Council Election is that four nominations have been received and therefore there will be no poll. These councillors will be appointed at the Annual Meeting.
  • Stonepits Close. Notices will be posted regarding letting Stonepits Close for the forthcoming season. Sealed bids will be required for 6 May at 7pm.
  • Children's Playhouse. The old one has been donated to the Pre-school Group and the new one has been installed.
  • Multi-activity Area. A simplified proposal is under consideration. A similar area will be established in Lavendon. The Council plan to view Lavendon and, if suitable, then consult with the village.
  • Path Across Village Hall Car Park. The Village Hall Committee recognises the requirement for a pathway, but are not prepared to fund it. The Parish Council has asked for details of previous estimates to consider if we can cover these costs from Parish Council funds.
  • Pavilion Alterations. Thanks to 'A Team', John, Danny and Tigger, for a good job.. The Football Club has offered a donation which will be gratefully accepted.
  • Planning Applications. Plans for 24 School Lane (extension) and Water Lane Farm (removal of tree) had no objections. For Manor Farm we will comment that adequate parking must be provided and, if possible, to include some overflow from the current office. A draft plan for Hazlemead Farm as a riding stable was discussed and will be reviewed if it is submitted as a firm application.
  Notes And News - March 2003
  • Village Appraisal. We agreed to hold over further meetings until the new Parish Council is elected after 1 May so that any new members can be fully involved.
  • Multi-activity Area. This idea has now come down to a suggestion from the Youth Club of a small tarmac area with a baseball net in the top left hand side of the play area. Once a firm proposal is concluded, then all residents will be fully consulted.
  • Path Across Village Hall Car Park. To enable better access across the front of the Village Hall, the Parish Council has asked the Village Hall Committee to consider a better footpath. This will be discussed at the next Village Hall Committee meeting.
  • Parish Partnership - Village Store. The Parish Council has made a Parish Partnership Application for a 50/50 funding of a replacement for the old Village Store Building located at the playing field.
  Notes And News - February 2003
  • Village Appraisal. We had one reply to our questionnaire in SCAN and thank you to the lady that took the trouble. One could conclude that the village is either not interested in its future or totally satisfied with the staus quo. We plan to organise some meetings with representative groups in the village and then prepare a report.
  • Gravel Extraction - Lathbury. Hartigan's have started an appeal on their application for gravel extraction at Lathbury.
  • Multi-purpose Facility. The requirements for the simplest skateboard area are proving complicated and expensive. Further discussions will be held with the Youth Club.
  • Playhouse. We will purchase a new playhouse for the play area adjacent to the Village Hall.
  Notes And News - January 2003
  • Village Appraisal. The article is to appear in January's SCAN, after which the Parish Council will await comments before proceeding.
  • Skateboard Facility. We will get some input from Milton Keynes Council and also get a cost estimation prepared to discuss at the next meeting.
  • Water Lane. We have had a reply from Anglian Water. We also have some helpful background nots from Phil Smith and we plan to continue to find solutions to the problem.
  • Cross Albans Junction.The reflectors have finally been replaced.
  • Corn Close. Further correspondence indicates that the path will be completely resurfaced. An order has been raised, but is delayed due to spending restrictions. We will keep on to this item.
  • Pavilion Alterations. The budget is available, but the work must be completed by the end of March.
  Notes And News - December 2002
  • Skateboard Facility. A complete skateboard facility will be too expensive, but a more modest proposal has been generated by discussion with the Youth Club. A contoured play surface may give many of the features required for the young group at a fraction of the cost. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Water Lane Flooding. This has happened again, this time by a loose brick blocking the sewer. The Parish Council is not satisfied with answers from Angilan Water and will invite them to a future PC meeting to explain their situation.
  • Gun Lane. The 30mph limit will be extended and the complete inclusion of the Lane to 30mph will be corrected.
  Notes And News - November 2002
  • Trees in Carters Close. The tree trimming has been completed by Milton Keynes Council.
  • Planning. Plans for 18 Gun Lane and The Barn, Sherington Bridge were passed with no objections. The application on land adjacent to the White Hart attracted a lot of debate from the floor and the Parish Council . Finally the plan was agreed on a majority 2 to 1 vote.
  • Speed Check Campaign. We plan to join this scheme which involves speed signs at regular intervals and a monitor which flashes the speed to any driver over the 30mph limit.
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